How to Download Your Kaltura Media

Note: the download option is only available for videos you own, not those for which you are co-editor, co-publisher or co-viewer.

1. Log in to UNM Learn.

2. Navigate to My Media.

3. Click the Edit (pencil) icon to the right of the video you wish to download.

The Edit icon is a pencil image on the right side of the block with each video.

 4. From the tabs below the preview window, click the Downloads tab.

Left to right, downloads: Details, Publish, Options, Collaboration, Thumbnails, Downloads.

5. To the right of "Available Formats" check box for Source File.
Note: Source file is the file you uploaded.  If available, you can also select Small, Medium or Large formats.  Kaltura will create smaller versions of your original file, but not larger ones.  

 File types are check boxes.  The save button is at the bottom.

6. Click Save.

7. Then click Go To Media.

Go To Media link is at the bottom to the right of Save.

8. From the tabs below the preview window, click Download. 
If you do not see a Download tab, you have chosen a file size that is not available.

Left to right, the tabs are Details, Download, Share.  Click on Download.

From the table, click the download icon in the "Actions" cell.

Table - 2 rows, 3 cells.  Actions icon is in the 2nd row, 3rd/ last cell.

Your download should start automatically.