Sharing Student Projects with the Media Gallery

The media tools inside UNM Learn make it possible for students to upload work which you can review and, if you like, then reveal in the Media (Course) Gallery.  That said, working with the Media Gallery requires a few steps.  You might want to consider having students share videos with the class by Adding a Kaltura Mashup to a discussion post.

(Note: The Center for Digital Learning is offering regular open labs, where you can get one-on-one answers to questions about YOUR course.  Take a look at the schedule:  Workshops and Open Labs Schedule .)

If you do not already have it, you will need to create a link to the Media (Course) Gallery in the Course Menu:
1. Top left corner of the Course Menu, click the plus (+) sign. 
2. Select Tool Link> Media Gallery.
3. Name - Type in Media (Course) Gallery
4. Put a check to make it Available to Users.
5. Submit.

The Process:
Students go to the Media (Course) Gallery, click Add Media/ Add New then create or upload their file.  The system  will give them a message across the top of the page that says their work will not be visible until you, the instructor, go into the Media (Course) Gallery to Pending, and Accept them--making them visible to the rest of the class.

What Students Do:
Click (Course) Gallery from the Course Menu.
Click Add New/ Upload Media.  *Note - they can also choose to do a Webcam Recording or  Screen Recording.
Click the Choose a file to upload button.  Then Browse for the correct file.  Click Open to select it.  Let them know that the uploading, and the subsequent conversion processes can take some time, depending on the size of the file and their combination of equipment and internet service.  Per your instructions, add Name, Description and Tags. 
Click Save.

What the Instructor Does:
In order for students' work to be displayed in the Gallery, you, the instructor must go to the Media (Course) Gallery
Click the Pending button (top left next to the Media button).
Click inside the thumbnail of each to watch it/ them.
Then click Accept or Reject.  Accepted materials will show immediately in the Media (Course) Gallery.  Note: TAs have the ability to process pending files; they do NOT have the permissions needed to delete them from the Media (Course) Gallery once "Accepted."