Use a File in Multiple Classes

When individual users upload media or create it using the Kaltura media tools integrated with UNM Learn, these materials are added to a personal repository called My Media. My Media allows instructors to upload media, and share it in a variety of ways: they can be added to a Content Area, or added as a Kaltura Mashup anywhere there is a content editor (the screen with the lines of text and other formatting tools).  Media can also be published to a special tool called the Media (Course) Gallery.

Add a Tool Link to the Media (Course) Gallery

You must add the Media (Course) Gallery Tool Link to each course where you want the materials to appear.  Note: If you publish videos to a course without adding a link to the Media Gallery, students will not be able to view them.

 How to Add Media (Course) Gallery to Course Menu
     1. Go to your Course Menu (top left part of your screen).
     2. Hover over the plus sign ( + ).
     3. Click Tool Link. From the Type drop-down menu, select Media (Course) Gallery.
     4. In the Name field, enter the name you would like ~ Media (Course) Gallery.
     5. Put a check in Available to Users
     6. Click Submit

Once you have created a link to the Media (Course) Gallery here is how to add media:

How to Publish Media to Multiple Courses at a Time
    1. Click to open My Media. Click My Media again to see your list of materials.
    2. Click the checkbox beside desired file or files to select.
    3. From the top corner, click ACTIONS/ Publish.
    4. Click to select desired courses.  
    5. Click Save.  There will be a progress bar at the top that indicates when the action is complete.  Note:  You can check your work by returning to the course itself and clicking Go To Student View.


How To Publish Media in One Course at at Time
    1. Click the Media (Course) Gallery link you created above.
    2. Click Add Media.
    3. Your My Media collection will open.  Put a check to select the desired materials. 
    4. Click Publish  Note:  if you addition media you have not already uploaded, click Add New/ Media Upload.  You can check your work by returning to the course itself and clicking Go To Student View.