McGraw-Hill Etext Instructions


Note: The instructions below apply to courses using McGraw-Hill Etexts. If your course is using integrated assignments through McGraw-Hill, see McGraw-Hill Connect Instructions.


Before starting:

  • You must have made prior arrangements with the UNM Main Campus Bookstore to use Inclusive Access for your electronic textbook.
  • You will want to make sure you have already grouped your course (if you are using section groups in UNM Learn).

Adding the McGraw-Hill Connect Library Tool to your course will provide students with direct access to their extext.  A content area and a link to a tool called RedShelf are also required, so that students who wish to "Opt Out" of using the online materials may do so.

Create a "Course Materials" content area for the RedShelf/Opt Out Link

1.  Click the “+” sign above the course menu and select “Content Area”.

Click the plus sign at the top left corner of your course menu.  Choose Content Area.


2.  Enter “Course Materials” for the name, check the option to make the area “Available to Users” and then click “Submit”. (Optional:  Mouse over the new link, click and drag to any location in the course menu.)

Name it Course Materials.  Be sure to check Available to Users.  Submit


Add the RedShelf and McGraw-Hill Content tools to the course 

1.  In the Control Panel, select “Customization” and then click “Tool Availability”.

 From the left-hand course menu Customization - Tool Availability

2. In the Tool Availability screen, locate the “McGraw-Hill Content” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.

3. Locate the “RedShelf” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.

Now scroll down to Redshelf and put a check in the Available in Content Area box.

4. Click Submit.


Create the RedShelf link in the Course Materials folder 

1. Click the link from your course menu to open the Course Materials content area.

2. Click the "Build Content" button and select "RedShelf."

Click Build Content, then select RedShelf.

3. Type "RedShelf Course Materials" in the name field, then click "Submit".

 In the name field, type RedShelf Course Materials

Finished link pictured.



Link the McGraw-Hill Content tool to a content area

1.  Navigate to a content area where students will go to access their online textbook (e.g., Course Information).

2.  Under "Tools," select "McGraw-Hill Content".

3.  Click "McGraw-Hill Connect".

4.  Click "McGraw-Hill Connect Library".

5.  The "McGraw-Hill Connect Library" link is added to the course.

Students click the Connect Library link to access the etext.