iClicker Resources for Faculty

i>clicker is an interactive classroom response system that lets educators poll students in class, view the results immediately, and then provide feedback. i>clickers can add energy and interactivity to discussions and quizzes, and/ or help track attendance.  i>clicker can be used along with other programs, like PowerPoint, for asking prepared questions, or deployed by itself for posing impromptu questions.

The i>clicker students' responses can be anonymous or identifiable. Identified students can be assigned credit for class participation and/or correct responses.  Instructors can use i>grader along with i>clicker to track student responses and to assign point values to answers. Grades from i>grader can be transferred to an educator's prepared grade book in UNM Learn.

In order to use i>clickers, instructors will need to download and install i>clicker software on their system.  Here at UNM, we have bundled some important configuration files with vender software:  there is one version designed for those who want to use i>clicker with UNM Learn, and a second version for those who do not want to integrate with UNM Learn.  Note: more than one version of the software can be loaded on the same computer in cases where the instructor wishes to integrate some classes and not others.

To use i>clicker with UNM Learn, download and install the software posted at http://iclicker.unm.edu/unmlearn

Students must register their i>clicker remote once a year in UNM Learn if they are taking a class that is using i>clicker integrated with UNM Learn. If you plan to use the i>clicker application with UNM Learn, you should create a link to the i>clicker Student Registration page, so that the students can register their remotes in your course. We also recommend that you ask students to remove any unused remotes from that screen as it can cause confusion when uploading scores to UNM Learn later. Even if students have registered their remotes using another method, such as on the i>clicker website, they still need to register it within UNM Learn, so that it is tied to their UNM Learn account. You can place the link on a Content Area or on the left navigation menu in your UNM Learn course.

Add link to i>clicker Student Registration page on left navigation menu

1. Click the + sign.  Click the plus sign in the upper left, at the top of the Course Menu.

2. Select Tool Link.

What to do on the Add Tool Link screen

3. On the Add Tool Link screen:

      a.  Enter a Name for your link.  Ex.: Register i>clicker remote.

      b.  Select i>Clicker Student Registration from the drop down menu.

      c. Check the box to make the link Available to Users.

      d.  Click Submit.

*4. Optional*  The new link will be added to the bottom of the Course Menu.  Mouse over the area to the left of the title until you see the 4-sided arrow, then click and drag the link to a different position in the navigation menu. 

        Optional-mouse over the area to the left of your new link until you see the four-headed arrows. Click and drap to reposition the link in the Course Menu.

i>clicker can be used independently, with a base station and laptop.  It can also be used with UNM Learn. The steps below explain how to create a course in i>clicker that is linked to your UNM Learn account. You will need to:
     * open i>clicker software
     * select or create a new i>clicker course
     * select the course and click open gradebook
     * click the sync roster button
     *  if necessary retrieve SSO key from UNM Learn
     * enter your NetID and SSO key
     * click Log In
     * select the desired course, click the select button
     * the course roster will download.
     * when complete, click close.

*Note - because the installation software contains a configuration file, there are two different versions of the program--one for face to face situations, and one that works with UNM Learn.  See... 

Set up your i>clicker app to work with UNM Learn

1. Open the i>clicker software.  Select your course from the list or click New.

Select the course you want or click New.

2. We recommend naming the course as it appears in the UNM course schedule.  Click Create.

We recommend that you name the course exactly as it appears in the UNM catalog.

3. If necessary, click to Select a Course. Then click Open Gradebook.

Select the desired course. Click choose.

4. Click the Synch Roster button.

From the menus along the top of the screen, click Synch Roster.

5.  Enter your NetID and SSO key.  Then click Log In.

Enter your NetID and SSO key.  Click log in.

6. Click Set for Course at the Bottom.

When finished a dialog box to that effect appears.  Click Close.

How to Retrieve the SSO key from UNM Learn

1.  Go to UNM Learn (learn.unm.edu) and open your course.

2.  In the Control Panel, expand Course Tools, and select i>clicker Instructor Tools.

   If necessary, click to expand the Course Tools menu. Pick i>clicker Instructor Tools.

3. On the Instructor Report page, click on SSO Security Key.

4. The next screen will show your CMS Username, which is your NetID, and your Security Key.  Either copy the Security Key to your clipboard or leave the screen open so that you can manually type it into i>clicker in the next few steps.


After you have completed an i>clicker session, you may want to upload the data to the Grade Center in your UNM Learn course. You can use the i>grader software (included with i>clicker) to upload session scores.

1. Open your i>clicker application.

2. Select the desired course, then click the Open Gradebook button.

Select the desired course.  Then click the Open Gradebook button on the right side of the window.

3. Click the Sync Scores button.

Click the Sync Scores button from along the top.

4. If not already saved, enter your NetID and SSO Key.  Then click Log In.

5. Click to Select the session(s) to upload, then click Next.

  Select the session(s) you want to load, then click Next.  

6. Customize the uploaded data if desired, then click Upload.

Customize the data you want. Then click Upload.

7. When you look at the Full Grade Center in your UNM Learn course, you will now see the new columns.  (New items are added left to right, to depending on the number of columns in your grade book, you may need to scroll to the right to see them.)

     When you look at the Full Grade Center in your Learn course, the new columns will have been added at the far right.

How to check which students have registered i>clicker remotes

1. Enter your course on UNM Learn.

2. Expand the Course Tools menu and click on i>clicker Instructor Tools.

3. Click on Instructor Report.

4. Select which group of students you would like to see. When it says registered or unregistered students that means those that have or have not registered their remotes yet in UNM Learn. Check ‘Only show student remotes’ if you would like the report to not show any Instructors, TA’s, etc. If you are interested in viewing a certain date range, you can enter criteria in ‘Filter by Date’.

Report Settings

5. Click Submit.

6. The next page will display the report. You can sort columns. A few notes:

  • If a student has registered a remote, it will show the student’s remote ID under ‘Register Remote/GO ID’. If they haven’t registered one yet, it will show ‘NO REGISTRATIONS’ in that column.
  • If a student has registered more than one remote, he or she will show up multiple times (once for each remote).
  • You can remove i>clicker registrations for a student.  But doing so removes the remote ID from their NetID account as a whole, not just your course. Students can also remove i>clicker remote registrations themselves on the i>clicker Student Registration page in UNM Learn.  If lost, old devices can be removed and new devices can be registered in the same manner as before.
  • The ‘Email All Unregistered’ button isn’t working correctly at this time.

Student List

For questions about the UNM Learn (Online) Integration, such as:
  • How to connect to UNM Learn
  • How to Register and Manage Clickers for Use with Learn
  • How to Download Rosters
  • How to Upload Poll Results

Contact Learn Support at (505) 277-0857 or email to learn@unm.edu

For other questions, such as:
  • How to Register and Use Clickers
  • How to Create and Manage Polls
  • How to Use i>clicker Hardware, etc.
Contact Classroom Technologies at (505) 277-5757 (option 2).  Also be sure to consult the help resources that are by the vender: http://support.iclicker.com/customer/portal/kb_article_attachments/60653/original.pdf?1437614507