Norton Digital Toolkit Products & UNM Learn

Norton Digital Toolkit products can be integrated with UNM’s Learning Management System (LMS), UNM Learn. This integration allows students to sign into their Norton course materials directly through their UNM Learn course, and depending on the particular product, makes it possible to use Norton’s quizzing tool and assignments—which can be configured to push grades from Norton to the grade book in UNM Learn.  For student documentation, see Norton Digital Resources for Students.

Note: Arrangements must be made with the UNM Bookstore and your W. W. Norton representative in advance. Instructors must also create an account (username/ email and password) to be able to log in with W.W. Norton before proceeding with the instructions below.

How to integrate Norton activities into your UNM Learn Course

  1. Login to UNM Learn and navigate to your course home page.

  2. Enable and link a tool called RedShelf, so that any student who wishes may opt out of using the online Norton materials.  The abbreviated instructions are listed below.  For more detail, see How to Add RedShelf.
    1. Create a Content Area named Course Materials:  
      Mouse over the “+” sign> Content Area>. In the Name field, enter "Course Materials." Put a check in "Available to Users." Click Submit
    2. Enable the RedShelf tool:
      Scroll down to the Control Panel.  Select Customization > Tool Availability.
      In the Tool Availability screen, locate the “RedShelf” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.   Click Submit.
    3. Create a "Redshelf Course Materials" link in the "Course Materials" Content Area:
      Scroll back up and click to open the "Course Materials" Content Area.
      From the menu along the top of the screen, click Build Content> RedShelf.
      In the Name field, type “RedShelf Course Materials.” 
      In the Description field, type "Click here to opt out of using the Norton Digital Resources." 
      Click Submit.

  3. Once RedShelf is enabled and linked, navigate back to your course home page. From the left-hand course menu, click to open the course content area where you want to place the Norton digital learning tool link (e.g., "Norton Activities").   Note: To create new Content Area, mouse over the “+” sign> Content Area> Enter a Name, put a check in "Available to Users." Click Submit. Then click to open your new area. 

  4. Click Build Content> Web Link.

  5. In the Name field enter a descriptive name for the activity, (e.g., W. W. Norton, InQuizitive, Smartwork, ZAPS, etc.).

  6. In the URL field, enter the URL provided by your Norton representative. CAUTION: Be sure there are no spaces before or after the web address/ URL, as these create an error message.

    For a Norton product home page, the URL will look like:  where "productname" is replaced with the name of the Norton learning tool and "BOOKCODE" is replaced with the code for the book you are using.

    For a direct link to a Norton activity, the URL will look like:  where "NNNNN" is replaced Norton digital learning tool activity.

  7. Put a check to select "This link is a Tool Provider."

  8. GRADE EXPORT - "Enable Evaluation" 
    If you would like students’ grades to be pushed to your course’s grade book in UNM Learn, set “Enable Evaluation” to "Yes."

                 I. [Optional] Set the Visible to Students Enable this option if you would like your students to be able to see the link in their views of the course site. If you select No, and change your mind, mouse over the right side of the web links title until you see the drop-down menu and select "Edit."  Change the option to Yes.

                 II. [Optional] Select the calendar and clock icons in the Due Date field to set a due date and time for the activity. This will display the due date under the link in your course and will create an entry for the assignment in the UNM Learn course calendar.

    NOTE: “Due Date” settings in UNM Learn do not affect the Grade Accepted Until (GAU) settings in the Norton digital learning tool. GAUs are what determine the activity’s availability to students. To adjust the GAU settings for your links, see Configuring "Grade Accepted Until" (GAUs) below. [link]

  9. Set "Open in New Window" to "Yes."

  10. Set "Permit User to View this Content" to "Yes."  Note: this governs whether students see it, and must be set to "Yes" for Display dates--set further down--to work correctly.

  11. Optional:  "Track Number of Views" and "Display After/ Display Until" settings.  

    IMPORTANT: Do not enter any text in the "Description field." There is a known issue with UNM Learn that will cause the connection to fail. As a workaround, you can include instructions for students at the top of your content area, or you attach a file.

  12.  When finished, click Submit. The link will now appear in your content area and you should see a green Success banner at the top of your course page.

  13. Click the Norton tool link you just created. This will launch the tool in a new browser tab.

  14. When prompted, log in with your Norton instructor credentials.

  15. First time only:  The first time you access a Norton digital learning tool from your course, you'll be prompted to create a new student set, or to copy an existing student set. For instructions on creating and managing student sets, speak with your Norton representative or see Creating New Student Sets.

  16. Once logged in with your Norton account, you will land on the Norton product home page or specific activity for the book being used (product home page is pictured below). You should see a green Connected to LMS badge and the new Student Set ID associated with your course in the drop-down menu on the right.

  17. After signing in, close the tab with the Norton digital learning tool page.

    IMPORTANT: In the future, to access any Norton digital learning tool, always use the link from your course, and you will be automatically signed in. You can confirm this by looking for your school email address in the upper right of the Norton tool page.


Test Tool Integration (Send A Test Grade to your Learn course)

When a Norton digital product is integrated with an LMS like UNM Learn, student grades flow automatically into your grade book for the course after an evaluation enabled activity is completed. Norton calls this grade passback or automatic grade reporting.  The next set of instructions explain how to test this integration.

If necessary, log into UNM Learn and navigate to the desired course.  Per the instructions above, click on any Norton link to open the LMS Integration.

1. From your UNM Learn course, switch to student view by clicking the Student Preview icon at the top of the course page.

2. Navigate to find the Norton tool link and click to select it.

3. The Norton product launch page or specific activity for the book being used will open in a new browser tab. You should be automatically signed in to your Norton instructor account, although the Norton product will present the student view of the system.

4. On the Norton product page, confirm that you see a green badge labeled Connected to LMS. If the connection fails, you will see a red badge labeled “LMS connection not made.”

5. If you’ve added a gradable activity (such as InQuizitive or Smartwork), click anywhere in the Connected to LMS badge (or the "Connected to LMS" user options menu entry for a Smartwork activity page) and an explanatory box will appear over the page.

  1. If you see a red "X" next to Single sign-in or Automatic grade transfer, report the error message to your Norton Representative.
  2. If you see a yellow "?" next to Automatic grade transfer, close the Norton product tab in your browser and reconfirm that you launched the link from your UNM Learn course in Student View or are using a student account.

6. Click on the green checkmark icon next to Automatic grade transfer, then click OK in the confirmation message pop-up window to send a test grade back to your UNM Learn course.

7. Confirm that a "Test Successful!" message appeared below Automatic Grade Transfer. Click OK in the box to continue.

8. Switch back to the browser tab with your course and verify a grade of 10% appears for the Norton activity in My Grades for the Demo student. You can also check the grade as an instructor in the full grade center. Depending on the point value you assigned to this activity, the numerical value of this grade may differ.

Note:  If you did not see a Test Successful! message, or the grade did not appear in My Grades, report the error to your Norton Representative.

9. Close the browser tab with the Norton product launch page

10. You should now exit student view or log out of the student account. The link is ready for use by your students.


Configuring "Grade Accepted Until" (GAUs) for your Norton activities

You can set Grades Accepted Until dates for InQuizitive and Smartwork assignments. After a Grades Accepted Until date for an assignment passes, students can continue to answer questions, but will no longer be able to improve their grade on that assignment. Below are instructions on how to configure an assignment or quiz GAU. 

1. If you would like to set GAUs for your Norton activities, click the Norton tool link in your course.

  1. If you have linked to a Norton product home page, click [set] next to the activity

  2. If you have linked to an individual InQuizitive or ZAPS activity, click your Norton username in the upper right of the page, then click Activity Settings from the menu.

    III. If you have linked to an individual Smartwork activity, click the “Edit Assignment” button located below the activity’s title.

2. Click the empty field next to “Grades Accepted Until” and select the desired date from the calendar.

3. By default, the GAU time is set to 11:59pm PM of the date you selected. To change the GAU time, click the drop-down menu containing the time and select a new time. Be sure to choose your time zone in the next drop-down menu as well!

4. Click Save Settings at the bottom of the page when you’re done.

5. The GAU for this activity is now set and you will receive notifications should a student attempt to submit a grade for this activity after the GAU has lapsed.



 A Word about Grades

When a Norton digital product is integrated with an LMS like UNM Learn, student grades flow automatically into your grade book for the course after an evaluation enabled activity is completed. Norton calls this grade passback or automatic grade reporting.  The details for how it works depend on the particular product.

Product Home Page Integration
If you integrate a link to digital learning tool product home page (a webpage that includes links to all activities for a Norton digital product) with your UNM Learn course, the product home page will transfer the student's overall average for the activities the student was assigned from that digital learning tool. In other words, if a student was assigned 10 InQuizitive activities, only one grade—the overall average of those 10 activities for that one product—would be transferred to your UNM Learn Grade Book. The same for the other grade enabled activities such as ZAPs or Smartwork.

Note: Remember that for every LTI enabled link, there is one grade book column.

Individual Activity Link Integration
When you integrate a link for an individual activity, you're assigning a grade for each activity. The individual activity grade will be transferred to the UNM Learn Grade Book in its own grade book column.

IMPORTANT: Grade values sent to your Learn Grade book are a percentage between 0 and 100. Your LMS will scale that percentage to the point value you set for each link you have added to your LMS course. In other words, if you gave the activity a 10 point value in your LMS, and a student achieves an 89% grade in the digital learning tool, the student's grade in your LMS gradebook will show as 8.9 points.


Getting Help:

Reporting error messages
Copy the text from any error message box and/or take a screenshot and send it to W. W. Norton LTI Support - You will then be contacted by a support specialist who will assist you with further troubleshooting.
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For questions related to W.W. Norton functionality, please contact your publisher representative.
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