How to Add RedShelf

Create a "Course Materials" content area

1. Click the "+" sign above the course menu and select "Content Area."

Create a content area named Course Materials.

2. Type “Course Materials” in the "Name" field.  Put a check next to  “Available to Users,” then click “Submit.”

In the Name field, type Course Materials

*Optional* -  Move "Course Materials" to a different spot in the course menu.  The new content area you just created will be at the bottom of the course menu.  Mouse over the left side of the title until you see a 4-sided arrow.  Click and drag to any location in the course menu.

Add the RedShelf tool to the course.

1.  In the Control Panel, select Customization > Tool Availability.

From Customization, click Tool Availability.

2.  In the Tool Availability screen, locate the “RedShelf” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.

Put a check next to RedShelf.  Then click Submit

3.  Click the “Submit” button.

Create the RedShelf link in the Course Materials content area.

1.  Click the Course Materials link from the course menu to open it.

2.  Click the “Build Content” button and select “RedShelf.”

Click the link to open the Course Materials content area.  From Build, choose RedShelf.

3.  In the "Name" field, type “RedShelf Course Materials.” Click “Submit.”

In the Name field, type RedShelf Course Materials.