Pearson Revel Instructions

The instructions below explain the steps needed to make Pearson Revel available to students in a UNM Learn course.  Note: prior to the semester, arrangements must be made through the UNM Bookstore in order for these tools to work.  

Documentation for students has also been provided:  See Pearson Revel Instructions.  (Includes how to opt out.)

1. Click the "+" sign above the course menu and select "Content Area."

Click the plus sign above the course menu.  Select

2. Type “Course Materials” in the "Name" field.  Put a check next to  “Available to Users,” then click “Submit.”

Enter “Course Materials” for the name, check the option to make the area “Available to Users” and then click “Submit”.

*Optional* -  Move "Course Materials" to a different spot in the course menu.  The new content area you just created will be at the bottom of the course menu.  Mouse over the left side of the title until you see a 4-sided arrow.  Click and drag to any location in the course menu.

1.  In the Control Panel, select "Customization" > "Tool Availability."

 In the Control Panel, select “Customization” and then click “Tool Availability”.

2.  In the "Tool Availability" screen, locate the “RedShelf” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.

Locate the “RedShelf” tool and check the box in the “Available in Content Area” column.

4.  Click the “Submit” button.

1.  Click the "Course Materials" link from the course menu to open it.

2.  Click the “Build Content” button and select “RedShelf.”

Click the Course Materials link from the course menu to open it.

3.  In the "Name" field, type “RedShelf Course Materials.” Click “Submit.”

In the Available Partners area, select “Pearson REVEL.”  The “Link accounts” screen will appear.


1. Open the "Course Materials" folder.

2. Click the "RedShelf Course Materials" link.

3. Click "View Course Materials."

4.Click "Launch Publisher's Website."

5. Link your existing Pearson account, then click "Continue."

If prompted, select "I Agree to the Privacy Policy," then click "Continue" to confirm.

1. To create a new course, click "Set it up."

2. Enter a "Display Name," set the "Availability dates," then click "Continue."

3. Wait until your course is created.  You will receive a "This content was successfully added" message.

4. Click the course name to access the Revel course and add materials and activities.



Once an assignment becomes available to students, you can sync its grades to your UNM Learn course. Sync any and all “in-progress” or “past-due” assignments through the Pearson Grade Refresh tool.

1. From your UNM Learn course, go to the "Course Materials" link and click “View Course Materials” and launch the "Publisher’s Website."

2. Under the Pearson materials, grade sync options will be displayed if available.

3. Select "Grade Sync" to toggle grade sync.

4. If desired, select "Auto Sync" to toggle on Automatic Grade Sync.

5. Select either "Assignments" to sync individual assignment scores from Revel to UNM Learn or you can select "Overall scores" to sync students' overall/total scores from Revel to UNM Learn.

If "Assignments" is selected, make sure that you go to "Select" and choose which assignments you would like to sync from Revel to UNM Learn. Some Pearson content uses assignment weighting, in these cases only "Overall Score" grade sync is available.

6. Select Save.  A success message displays, notifying you of the total number of grades that were successfully synced.

7. Go to your UNM Learn Grade Center to see the assignment grade columns. In the Course Management area of your navigation menu, select Grade Center > Full Grade Center.