Zoom Recordings and UNM Learn

Recordings that feature interactions with students should not be shared using Zoom’s share feature because it creates an unprotected weblink that can be freely distributed, posing a potentially serious threat to student privacy. Instead, link those session recordings inside your UNM Learn course. To facilitate this practice, UNM Zoom meetings you record to the cloud now automatically upload to your (the meeting host’s) Kaltura My Media tool. From My Media, you can edit and securely share recordings with your students. If you are not seeing your Zoom cloud recording in My Media, please refer to Troubleshooting & FAQ - "Missing Recordings." If you would like to share a local Zoom recording, one created by selecting “Record on this computer,” skip down to Manually Upload a Zoom Recording.

Files in My Media are account specific. The files in one person’s My Media list are not visible in the My Media account for another person until they are linked in a course, shared via a discussion post, etc., or edited to add a collaborator. The instructions below explain how to add a recording in your My Media list. Zoom cloud recordings are only visible to the meeting scheduler. To share with your course assistants, edit the entry to add them as a collaborator. See Getting Started with Media Tools> Share Media with Other Instructors.

Share a Zoom Meeting recording in a UNM Learn Course

Media files can be made available to students in two different ways.  One strategy is to create a link for each one.  This option creates a thumbnail of the video, lets you add comments, give it a context-specific title, and arrange it as a specific line item on a content page or in a Learning Module.  The other strategy is to offer them all in one place by using a tool called the Media Gallery.  The Media Gallery is designed as a central repository for video content you wish to share with the class.  



Link videos individually 

1. Log into UNM Learn and open the desired course.

2. Click the link to the Course Information content page (or other Content Area or Module Page you are using).

3. Click Build Content > Kaltura Media

Go to Build, and from bottom of right column choose Kaltura Media.

4. This takes you to an area called My Media. My Media stores all the materials you have uploaded/ created, including the cloud recordings of UNM Zoom meeting sessions that are automatically uploaded for the meeting's host.

5. Put a check next to the desired video to select it.

6. Submit.  




Publish videos to the Media Gallery

To share videos from your My Media repository with students using the Media Gallery, you will need to create a Tool Link in your Course Menu.  Once that is done, you can populate it with videos by selecting Publish from My Media.

Create a link to the Media Gallery in the Course Menu:

From the top left corner of the Course Menu, click the plus (+) sign.

2. Select Tool Link. 
3. From the drop-down menu, select Media Gallery.
4. In the Name field - enter Media Gallery
5. Put a check to make it Available to Users.
6. Submit.

*Optional* -  Move Media Gallery link to a different spot in the Course Menu.  UNM Learn adds new menu items at the bottom, so that is where you will find your Media Gallery link. To move it up, mouse over the left side of the title until you see a 4-sided arrow.  Click and drag to the desired place.


Add Media to the Media Gallery

Once you have created a tool link for the Media Gallery, you can add files by using the Publish command.

1. Click the tool link for Media Gallery.

2. The Media Gallery will open.  Click the plus sign.


3. The My Media screen will open.  Click the checkboxes to select the desired files.

4. Click Publish.  Note: To unpublish an entry, while on the gallery page, click the three dots on the bottom right corner of the thumbnail.  This will reveal a small "x" on the left corner.  Confirm on the dialog box that opens.


5. This is what the Media Gallery looks like with new item.



Manually Upload a recording from your local computer 

If you recorded to your local machine, you can upload the recording to your UNM Learn course using My Media and share it by linking it using one of the strategies above. 

1. After the meeting has ended, Zoom will convert the recording so you can access the files.  Note: If you started and stopped recordings multiple times during a meeting, Zoom will convert those recordings as individual files.

2. Once the conversion process is complete, the folder containing the recording files will open.  Note: By default, the audio/video file (MP4) will be named Zoom_0.mp4. The audio only file (M4A) is named audio_only.m4a.

3. Now go to UNM Learn, log in, and open the desired course.  

The steps below explain how to link a video as an individual item on a content page or in a learning module.  If you are using the Media Gallery (see above) follow those instructions and choose ADD NEW> Media upload.

4. Click the link for the Course Information content page (or other Content Area or Module Page you are using).

5. Click Build Content > Kaltura Media.

6. This takes you to an area called My Media.  My Media stores all the materials you have uploaded/ created.

7. Click Add New/ Media Upload


8. The Upload Media Screen will load.  Drag and Drop. Or click Choose a file to upload> Browse your computer> Select a file and click Open.

9. The upload process will begin immediately.

10. When finished, modify the Name, add Description and Tags.  Click Save.

11. The green bar at the top will indicate that your changes have been saved (not pictured). Click Save and Embed.

12. The Create Mashup Item screen will appear with your media item added.  Add a Title (required) and Description (optional).  When ready, click Submit.