UNM Learn Critical Issues for Students

Current UNM version: Blackboard Learn 3900.8
Page last updated: 05/22/21

This page identifies software defects within UNM Learn that affect core functionality, less critical issues that users might assume is working correctly, and issues that impact a majority of users. The issues on this page are classified as "bugs" within the software, and are reported to the vendor for resolution. For other important issues to be aware of within UNM Learn that are not classified as bugs, be sure to check the Frequently Asked Questions by Students page.

Tip: Some issues (including some not listed on this page) only appear in specific browsers. If you are having difficulties doing something with one web browser, you can try a different browser to see if it will work there.
Area Issue/Workaround (if available)

When Instructors, Teaching Assistants and Graders use the Inline Grading tools to comment on student work, those annotated files can be downloaded as PDFs. Due to variations and potential issues in the way browser-based software displays PDFs, certain annotations may not display when viewing these PDFs using web browsers (e.g., Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox).

Workaround: Users should download and view annotated PDF files directly in a dedicated PDF viewer (e.g., Adobe Acrobat DC, Acrobat Reader DC).

Blackboard mobile app

The Blackboard mobile app may not contain all the functionality and content of UNM Learn. If something does not appear as it should, we recommend using a computer with a supported browser. For more information, see Blackboard Mobile Documentation.

Content Editor - Code Snippet Tool

If students use the code snippet tool to insert computer code in test answers, line breaks are stripped upon submission, causing the code to display on a single line.

Workaround: Insert code in the standard editor without choosing to use the code snippet tool.

Content Editor - Kaltura Mashup

When you insert a Kaltura Media Mashup in the content editor a table is automatically inserted below the video. Text added below the table will not be visible after clicking submit.

Workaround 1: Delete the table. Text below the deleted table will appear after clicking submit.

Workaround 2: Add the text first before inserting the Kaltura Media Mashup.

Content Editor - Spell Checker The spell checker no longer identifies misspelled words as you type. It requires the user to click the spell check button within the editor.
Content Editor - What you see is NOT ALWAYS what you get

When working in editing view, some formatting may not be consistent with what is published. For more information, please visit the Feature & Function Updates page.

Workaround: Click submit to see what the content will look like then go back and make edits/corrections as needed.

Kaltura Mashup Videos and Course Copy

Some embedded Kaltura Media Mashup videos that have been linked in a previous course and copied forward may be broken and generate the following error when instructors or students click to play them: “Either you are not logged in or you do not have the appropriate privileges to perform this action.”

Workaround: Contact your instructor or Learn Support with details regarding the course and location of the video.

Learning Modules

If a student is already in a Learning Module before course components (such as Items, Tests, Assignments, Discussions, etc.) with availability restrictions become available, and the component then becomes available based on date/time restrictions, the component may not immediately appear to the student even after refreshing the page. In our testing, the components can take up to 15-20 minutes to appear. Example: A Test in a Learning Module is set to become available to students at 11:30 AM, a student goes into the Learning Module at 11:29 AM, at 11:30 AM the student refreshes the page, but the Test does not immediately appear. After 15-20 minutes have passed, the Test will appear after refreshing the page.

Workaround: To access the component immediately, log out of UNM Learn, log back in to UNM Learn and navigate back to the Learning Module.