Student FAQs - Tests, Assignments & Grades

How do I see a copy of the test I took? How do I see my returned paper from my instructor?
My Grades is the only place to see your attempts on tests and assignments and any grades you've been given. Look for My Grades in the Course Menu; if it is not there, ask your instructor for assistance.  To see a copy of your graded assessment, look for that test or assignment, then look for the numeric score - it will be linked. Click that link, then click it a second time on the next page to see a copy of your assessment.

Where can I find the grading rubric for my assignment?

Two places:

  1. Click My Grades in the Course Menu and look for the View Rubric button in the score column for that assignment.
  2. Click the assignment link in the content area and look in Section 1; the View Rubric button will appear by the "Points Possible"

How can I see the discussion forum grading rubric?
Inside the discussion forum, the View Rubric button will appear in the column on the right.

How can I see the rubric my instructor graded?
In the My Grades tool, click the numeric score for your assignment, discussion forum, blog or journal. On the next page, click the score icon again and you will see a button for your graded rubric.

I saw the link for my test (or assignment) before but now it is gone.
If your instructor applies a date control to a test or assignment in your course, the link will be hidden. It is either too early or too late to complete that assessment. If you have completed the assessment, you will still be able to see a copy of that assessment through My Grades in the Course Menu.

I thought I saw a link for the test (or assignment) but now I don't see the link.
The only way your instructor can control the due date on a test or assignment is to hide the link after the due date. Therefore, if you don't see the link, you are past the due date. You will, however, still be able to see your grade and attempt for that test or assignment in My Grades.

My assignment page says "Start New Submission". What does that mean?
That means that your instructor has set up that assignment for more than one "attempt" or submission. Please contact your instructor if you are not clear of the instructions for that assignment.

How can I be sure I uploaded the right paper for my assignment?
Go to My Grades and click the green icon for that assignment (in the Grade column). Then click the link for your file name.

What is the green icon in My Grades? If the number 1 is in the green square, did I get 1 point?
The green icon means "Needs Grading". In My Grades, that is an indicator that your instructor has not graded that assessment. That is an exclamation point inside the green box.Your instructor will see that icon as well in his or her view of the grade center.