Student FAQs - Navigation & Content

I can't see the course menu; there is nothing in my course menu.
  • If you can see the menu but there is nothing in it: there is a little arrow to the left of the Course Name at the top of the Course Menu. If that arrow is point to the right - click the arrow to reveal the whole course menu.
  • If you do not see the course menu at all (no course name), then move your cursor to the left side of the window until it turns into a cursor with a left and right arrow - click that to Show Course menu
What is the Course Dashboard; where is the Course Dashboard?

The Dashboard provides dynamic information about your course: new announcements, messages, additions to the course, due dates. You will usually find the Course Dashboard link in the Course Menu. If it is not there, your instructor has made it unavailable.

I am not seeing all of the icons in the text editor.
If the arrow on the far right of the toolbar points down, click it to Show More.

What do all of the icons in the content editor mean?
See the Simple Content Editor Features and Advanced Content Editor Features on this page

How can I add an image to a discussion posting, message, or assignment text?
Use the toolbar icon in the third row, the eleventh (11th) icon from the left. Here are instructions.

Can I add my photo to my profile for everyone to see?
At this time you may upload a photo in your Learn profile (upper right icon to the right of your name). However it will not be shared with class members.

PDF files do not appear properly on my iPad. Am I doing something wrong?
No, you aren't doing anything wrong. At this time PDF files do not appear properly within the course on the iPad tablet. Try to click the link at the top of the page to open the PDF in another way; if that does not work, you will need to use a standard computer to view the PDF files.

Can my instructor tell if I have been in the course?

Yes, your instructor can see the date and time of your last appearance in your course. Instructors also have the ability to track whether you visit particular links in your course.