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Most Popular Item - Cannot see the Course Menu:

unhide the course menu
  • If you can see the menu but there is nothing in it: there is a little arrow to the left of the Course Name at the top of the Course Menu. If that arrow is point to the right - click the arrow to reveal the whole course menu.
  • If you do not see the course menu at all (no course name), then move your cursor to the left side of the window until it turns into a cursor with a left and right arrow - click that to Show Course menu.

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Most Popular Item - How do I see a copy of the test I took?  How do I see the paper (assignment) my instructor returned?

  • My Grades is the only place to see attempts on tests and assignments and any grades you've been given. There is a link for it on the "My Courses" page when you first log into Learn--left sidebar under "Tools."  It can also be accessed through "Global Navigation." In the upper right corner of the screen click your Name, then click the icon for the page with the Check Plus.   There may also be a link to "My Grades" in the Course Menu inside your course; if you can't find it, ask your instructor for assistance.  Note:  Some classes in Learn may not use the grade book at all.

  • Once in the My Grades screen, look for the name of the test or assignment, then find the numeric score -- the underline means it is a link. Click it, then click a second time on the next page to see a copy of your assessment.

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Most Popular Item - Not receiving course email: