Adding an Avatar (Photo) to Your Profile

We will show you how to add an avatar (photo or image) to your Learn profile, then give you a quick tour to point out where this thumbnail will appear.

Find a photo or a detail of a photo you want to use. 

It needs to be very small – 150 pixels square.  If it is too big, it won’t look good, so use any image editing software to crop and shrink the photo you want to use.  Or try one of the free online services like

Your profile in the Global Navigation tool

1.   After you login at, click your name in the upper right corner.

2.  Click the Settings link at the bottom of the window

In the upper right corner, next to your name, click the triangle to open.  At the bottom on the right, the word Settings is a link.  Click that.

3.  Click Personal Information

4.  Click Personalize My Settings

From the Settings menu, click Personal Information.

5.  Select Use custom avatar image

6.  Click Browse My Computer to find and upload your image

7.  Click Submit

Mark the radio button

Where your avatar will appear

Avatars appear with all discussion, blog and journal postings. It will also appear for your instructor on the Course Dashboard when you have posted something for grading.

Click in the upper right corner of the screen to open Global Navigation. 
Click the Bb Home icon.

Click Posts and your avatar will appear next to any recent discussion posts you have made.

A smal avatar will appear next to your items in the list of postings inside the course.

Avatars appear next to discussion posts.

You avatar will also appear when you are checking your graded posts.