Quick Introduction to Some Handy Tools

Some of these tools may not be used in your course or may be temporarily hidden. If you have any questions about their availability, contact your instructor.

Quick Navigation of your whole course

From any page, use the folder view of your course to find anything quickly! Click the "plus" (+) to open a folder.

Easy navigation

Get Announcements and Discussion Postings by email

Make sure courses are using the email address you check regularly!

Update your email address


Course Announcements are automatically are sent to your UNM preferred email account.

"Subscribe" to Discussion Postings

If you are frustrated by checking to see if your peers have posted to a discussion forum, get those postings by email.

  • Look inside the forum for the Subscribe button.
  • If you do not see the Subscribe button, ask your instructor to turn it on.
  • Ask your instructor to include a link to the posting so you can go right to that forum to reply, from your email.

Subscribe to a forum

See updates for all of your courses without entering a course

Just login to UNM Learn and click your name in the upper right corner. The number of updates will appear in red next to your name. You will be able to see new announcements, grades, discussion postings and the calendar.

global navigation menu

See due dates on the Calendar or in My Grades

Clickable items in the Calendar will take you to the assignment, test or discussion forum that has that due date.

Due dates also appear in My Grades. If you are not seeing due dates, ask your instructor to add them. 

due dates in My Grades

Know how you are being graded - the syllabus and rubrics

SYLLABUS: Read it carefully. Be mindful what percentage all course activities are worth.

  • For example, you may have been working really hard to get the highest score on your quizzes but you checked the syllabus to find that quizzes are only worth 10% of your overall grade. Where should you be spending the bulk of your time?

RUBRICS: If your instructor grades with rubrics - look at them before beginning your work.

View Discussion Rubric

Discussion forum- grade information

discussion forum rubric

View Assignment Rubric From the Assignment Link

Assignment Rubric button

View Any Rubric from My Grades

Rubric buttons in My Grades

Use My Grades to keep track of your upcoming work

The My Grades page can be confusing, but if you use the Filters at the top of the page, you can isolate your work by whether what has been Graded, Submitted or what is Upcoming

my grades controls

Use the Blackboard Mobile Learn app

The Blackboard Mobile Learn App is free to download, but you must buy a Blackboard License to access your classes. Use of the Blackboard Mobile Learn App is not a requirement for UNM Online Courses.

Look for details at http://online.unm.edu/help/learn/students/mobile/