Accessibility Resources Center

If you are a student with a disability who is having problems with any of the content delivered through UNM Learn, you should contact your instructor and the UNM Accessibility Resource Center. Your instructor may be able to provide you with a more accessible version of the information or make other accessibility accommodations. Resource Center staff can help both of you determine the best format. As a student, it is your right to request such accommodations to help better support your learning.

Alternate Format Course Materials

The Blackboard Ally tool within UNM Learn courses will generate alternative formats for many common file types (e.g. PDF, Word, PowerPoint). Click the Alternative Formats icon (Ally indicator icon is a capital A with a down arrow) next to a file to download it in the format that best suits your needs: ex., tagged PDF, HTML, ePub, electronic braille, audio, etc. To learn more, consult Viewing Content - Alternative Formats.


Adaptive Technology Support

Resource Center staff also may be able to provide you with access to adaptive technology that can help you use UNM Learn course sites. The Accessibility Resource Center website contains a listing of computer labs and adaptive software available to Resource Center clients.

If you have any concerns regarding the functionality of the UNM Learn application in relation to accessibility, please contact the UNM Learn Support team.


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