Types of Assignments - Assignments

What are they?
Your instructor may use a tool called "Assignments" in different areas of your course that require an uploaded response from students. You might access assignments from a link in the course menu called "Assignments". Or, your instructor might incorporate assignments into each week's content. Assignments may include submission of a paper, PDF, PowerPoint, the uploading of a video response or images, etc., which is only available for your instructor to view.

To learn about how to submit assignments, please view this short video and then read Submitting Assignments.

 The Content Editor from within the assignment lets you format text, attach web links or files, add images or embed video. It is available anywhere you see a text box in UNM Learn—composing an email, posting to discussion forums, journals or blogs, answering essay questions in quizzes, or submitting text in the Assignment tool.

Here is an example of what the Content Editor looks like:

Format Your Work

To enter text, click inside the box and type. Or copy and paste.  

Left to right, the options are bold, italics, underline, strikethrough, headings/subheadings, font family, font size, bulleted lists and numbered lists, font color, highlight color and remove formatting (Tx).


Lightbulb icon indicating a Pro Tip.PRO TIP: In order to avoid unsuccessful submissions of an assignment, be sure to not wait until the last minute before any assigned due date and time since technical issues may occur and cause your submission to not go through and be marked as "Late".

UNM Learn will send an email to confirm your assignment has been submitted successfull. You can also verify your submission by looking for the submission receipt number at the top of the "Review Submissions History" page.   If you have doubts or questions, it is always a good idea to contact your instructor immediately. 


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