Center for Academic Program Support - CAPS

CAPS offers support for most UNM classes online as well as Learning Strategies workshops and consultations. Here are the some of the many ways they can support you:

Live Online Tutoring Support
CAPS Online Learning Center provides live online STEM and Writing tutoring. Students can interact with their tutor using video, audio, or chat as they work on an interactive canvas. Students can use their smartphone, tablet, or computer to connect and there is never anything to download! To access, go to and select “Work With a Tutor”


Writing Support 24/7
CAPS also provide writing support 24 for hours a day, seven days a week through our Online Writing Lab (OWL). Send us your writing project and we will provide feedback within 24 hours. Go to and click on “Work With a Tutor” then select the OWL.

Learning Strategies
Their learning strategists focus on helping students make the most of their skills both inside and outside of the classroom. They offer online workshops and individual online consultations to help you create a master syllabus, tips for taking online classes, note taking,  prioritizing your time and much more. Check out our workshops by going to and click on “workshops”

For more about their services, see You can also follow them on social media (Facebook, Instagram, Twitter/capsunm and Snapchat/unmcaps)!


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