Course Communication and Announcements

There are a variety of tools your instructor can use to communicate with you. They may choose to add either of two different email tools:  one that uses UNM-preferred email addresses, or another, called Course Messages, which is entirely internal to UNM Learn.  They can also post information as Announcements. 

Email (External Email)

If your instructor chooses to make it available, there is Email tool.  It would be a link in your left-hand navigation menu, and might be called "External Email" or "UNM Email" etc. The Email tool uses everyone's UNM-preferred addresses.  It works by letting you choose recipients and write your message, then it sends the email OUTSIDE Learn.  You can access them through your favorite email program, or by using Lobomail through "the portal,", or from the web at  If your instructor is using this tool, be sure to check your UNM-preferred email account regularly, or you may miss something important!  UNM-preferred email addresses for non-HSC students can be updated using DSS - Demographic Self Service.  

Course Messages

If your instructor wishes to use it, there is another tool, called Course Messages.  Course Messages operate entirely inside UNM Learn courses, that is to say they do not use your regular UNM email address.  When you first log into UNM Learn, they can be accessed from the Messages module on the left side of your My Courses screen.  They can also be accessed through the "Course Messages" link inside your course. 



Your instructor may also decide to share important information with you via a course announcement.  You will have access to these announcements from within the main page of UNM Learn, or from a link within your specific course.  Please visit this link to see additional information on how to locate announcements from your instructors in UNM Learn: Stay in the Loop - Announcements


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