Meet UNM Learn

Now it is time to get to know your BlackboardTM Learning Management System (LMS)

You can always access UNM Learn by visiting or by clicking on the UNM Learn icon after logging in to My UNM (sometimes referred to as 'the portal').  For help/additional information, see How to Log In.  We suggest that you bookmark your UNM Learn webpage so that you can easily access your online courses at any point.

On My.UNM the Learn login button is the cap and gown icon in the upper right.

Please be sure to review any text, video tutorials, and/or attachments that will help guide you through how to access and use some of the following tools that you may or may not encounter in your online courses:

  • UNM Learn's Global Navigation System 
  • Course communication and announcements
  • Journals
  • Discussion Board Forums
  • Assignments
  • Video Submissions
  • Web Conferencing
  • Tests and Assessments
  • Viewing your grades with "My Grades" link
  • And more...


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