The Blackboard Mobile App

bb-app-icon.pngIn addition to using a traditional computer or laptop, you can also access UNM Learn by downloading the Blackboard App to your mobile device.  See Quick Start for the Blackboard App.

Though you may find it easier to access UNM Learn on your phone when you are on the go, there are certain limitations to the mobile app that are important to keep in mind:

  • If you choose to use the mobile app for taking tests, we recommend that you pay attention to your Internet connection (especially important for timed tests).  Only begin tests on a computer or device with a stable, high-speed connection to the Internet.  The UNM Learn Support Team's ability to provide support for a wide variety of devices is limited, so we advise you to use caution, especially if electing to take a higher stakes exam on a mobile device.

  • Because UNM uses more advanced technologies than simple HTML pages, in some cases the Blackboard app may not be able to display the content or display it properly. In addition, some features – particularly Flash, Java-based, or QuickTime video – may not work properly on all devices.

  • UNM’s officially supported and preferred method for interacting with courses in the LMS is through a supported browser. We are making the mobile interface available so that users who wish to use the Blackboard app to connect to the UNM system may do so.


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