Technology Requirements

Is your technology ready to successfully complete an online course?

Technology Recommendations and Requirements 

To ensure the best possible learning experience, owning, or having reliable access to, a modern personal computer with virus protection is recommended.


Online courses perform optimally on high speed internet, particularly with cable and DSL connections.

      Image of Wifi Internet bars
Some courses might require the need for a webcam, microphone, and internal and/or external computer speakers in order to participate in group discussions, create and upload video submissions, listen to live or pre-recorded lectures and videos, etc. Please check with your instructor to ask what type of technology might be necessary in order to be successful in the course. Technology requirements may very from class to class.

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Suggested web browsers: Firefox and Chrome tend to work the best with UNM Learn. However, having a recently updated browser of any type should be compatible with what is required for your online course. Pop-up blockers may also need to be disabled for certain parts of the site to work.

Click on the Blackboard Browser Checker to make sure that your preferred browser is ready to go!

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Other types of Technology Requirements to be a successful online student:
  • Reliable word processing software such as MS Word. UNM students can download MS Office 365 for free.
  • Ability to save files in .doc or .rtf format. Please note that pages and google doc files are not accepted for submitted assignments.
  • Ability to view course materials by using Adobe Acrobat free file reader and MS Word.
  • Regular and weekly access to UNM Learn and your UNM email account.
  • Ability to download and use Kaltura Capture or Adobe Premier Rush, Adobe’s video editing tool. UNM students can download Adobe Premier Rush for free through Adobe Creative Cloud.


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