UNM Learn Support

Now that you have a better idea of how to navigate and use UNM Learn, please know that the UNM Learn Support Team is available to help you with any technical issues that you might have in the future.

How can I find the support I need?

Links to critical services are found on the UNM Learn "Support" tab for both academic support services and general student services. After logging into UNM Learn, click on the "Support" tab (located under your name in the upper right corner). On this page, in addition to UNM Learn support help, you will find links to UNM academic support services and general students services.

For a variety of support resources, when you log into Learn, click the support link in the upper right.

UNM Learn Support 
Contact them for all your UNM Learn questions.  
Create A Support Ticket
Use the link inside your UNM Learn course or on the Support tab.

24/7 Phone Support
Albuquerque: 505-277-0857
Toll-Free: 1-877-688-8817


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