Types of Assignments - Video Submissions

Some instructors may require that you upload a video as a post in a discussion board or as an assignment.  We recommend that you use a tool from within UNM Learn called Kaltura Capture.

HOW TO: Download and Install Kaltura Capture

UNM Learn’s integrated media tools include a stand-alone desktop recording app called "Kaltura Capture".  Kaltura Capture gives users the option to record two inputs simultaneously: to mix and match combinations of cameras, screens, and microphone.  Files that are uploaded and linked in courses and can now be viewed with an interactive rich media player which allows users to toggle the screens and choose between several layout options.

This guide provides information about how to use Kaltura Capture. 

If your instructor intends to use video media within the course, they will add a "My Media" access link to the menu of your course.  Any videos that you record using the Kaltura Capture app will automatically upload to your own personal "My Media" page, which you can later select to add to an assignment.  Though students can also upload individual media files from their desktop or a separate saved file, use of Kaltura Capture is encouraged.  It is HIGHLY suggested that you go ahead and download this app so that you are ready for any future use of it.


Lightbulb icon indicating a Pro Tip.PRO TIP: Videos can take a long time to upload to UNM Learn, so make sure that you leave yourself enough time to both create the video, upload it, and submit the assignment before it is considered late.  It is also a good idea to return to the assignment to check the video to make sure that both the audio and visual are working correctly so that you can redo the video if need be.


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