Virtual Proctoring of Tests

To promote academic integrity, your instructor may include virtually proctored tests in your UNM Learn course.  Please view your course syllabus and consult with your instructor as to whether or not this will be utilized in your given course.  Again, not all courses use virtual proctoring!  



Respondus LockDown Browser is a custom browser that you install on your machine. For tests your instructor has so designated, you can only take them using LockDown Browser (other browsers, like Google Chrome or Safari or Microsoft Edge will not work). Depending on the settings your instructor has chosen, the Respondus LockDown Browser is designed so that you cannot print, copy text, visit other sites, access other applications on your machine, or close the test window until you have submitted it.

Requirements for taking tests with Respondus:

  • You must havesupported operating system.
  • You must be able to log into your machine as an administrator:
    • For Windows /PC to install, update, and run LockDown Browser.
    • For Mac to install and update.  LockDown Browser can then be run as any type of user.
  • Additional device requirements/restrictions
  • Respondus LockDown Browser does NOT work on mobile devices, except iPads (This is up to your instructor's discretion. IF they have choosen to enable the setting and allow you to take tests on an iPad, you must to go to the App store to download and install Respondus LockDown Browser.) 
  • Respondus LockDown Browser is not available for Chromebooks at UNM.
  • If your instructor requires video monitoring, you will need a webcam.
  • You must have a reliable and stable Internet connection.

Respondus Monitor

Respondus Monitor is an additional tool instructors can enable for a test. It uses the LockDown Browser application and also uses your webcam and microphone to record your activities during the test. No one can review this video live, but it is viewable afterwards by your instructor and their course assistants. The recording is processed to flag certain types of behavior, such as leaving the recordable area. Students who are using a Chrome Book will not be able to use Respondus Monitor.

For step-by-step instructions, see Using Respondus LockDown Browser and Respondus Monitor.


VIRTUAL PROCTORING TOOL OPTION 2: Proctorio (limited use)

UNM uses a flexible virtual monitoring tool called "Proctorio" in order to help students complete tests off site and to deter cheating.  If the instructor deems this tool to be necessary for the course, it will be assigned for students to purchase through the UNM Bookstore as a course material via Inclusive Access from within their UNM Learn course.

Virtual Proctoring allows instructors to collect data about the students' testing environment while they take tests in UNM Learn. Proctorio  can record video, audio, web traffic, screen activity, students' surroundings, keystrokes, location data, and more. Proctorio collects the data instructors specify and analyzes it to detect suspicious behavior in real time.

Once test attempts are complete, you may review the proctoring data, flagged for easy viewing, via a link in the UNM Learn grade center. Proctorio is currently implemented as an extension to the Google Chrome browser, to provide a minimally invasive but full-featured virtual proctoring experience.

Requirements for taking tests with Proctorio:

  • Proctorio course voucher code provided through Inclusive Access.
  • Laptop or desktop computer
  • Portable web camera OR built-in laptop camera (if tests are set to record video)
  • Microphone headset OR built-in computer/laptop microphone (if tests are set to record audio)
  • Dependable internet access: minimum speed .092 Mbps (.663 Mbps is optimal)
  • Minimum recommended RAM of 4 GB
  • Chrome Browser (free)
  • A photo ID – Lobocard, driver’s license, passport, etc.  Reminder - Federal law prohibits the use of Military IDs.
Payment and Opt Out Information

Proctorio is distributed by a UNM Bookstore program called Inclusive Access. The first time you take a proctored test, you will be prompted to enter a voucher code during the pre-check process. A voucher code should be available inside your UNM Learn course: look for a link called "Course Materials," "RedShelf Course Materials" or "RedShelf." On the RedShelf page, copy the code provided for Proctorio. Paste the code into the Precheck screen when prompted, before beginning your first virtually proctored test. You should only need to do this once per course/semester.

Unless you Opt Out of using Proctorio, the UNM Bookstore will charge the cost of the Proctorio course pass ($20) to your bursar account after the end of the add/drop period for your course. The course pass voucher available via RedShelf covers all virtual proctoring in that course in the current semester.  Again, this virtual proctoring tool is NOT necessarily required for all online courses.



  • Required microphones and webcams are available for purchase at UNM Bookstores via your bursar account.
  • Laptops with webcams can be checked out at no cost with your LoboID. For more information, call 505-925-9605.
  • Tablets are not compatible with this product. You must use a laptop or desktop computer to take virtually proctored tests.
  • To Opt Out, you must make alternative proctoring arrangements. This requires contacting your instructor to discuss a proctoring arrangement acceptable to both of you. Note that you must opt out of Proctorio before the drop date of your course to avoid being billed for the course pass voucher.
  • If one of these methods is used in your course, additional instructions and tutorials will be provided to you in the course.


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