How to Submit Media to the Gallery

Instructors have a lot of flexibility when building courses in UNM Learn.  If they want you to create and submit an audio or video file to a shared course Media Gallery, you may find the link to access in any number of places.  Two popular ones are:  in the Course Menu, along the left side of the screen, and/ or on a content page inside a folder or module. 

If you do not find a link to the Media Gallery on the left in the Course Menu or prominently displayed on a module or content page, ask your instructor for directions.

1. Click a link to open the Media Gallery.  You can now watch any files that have already been loaded and approved by the instructor.  If the list is long, use the drop-down menu at the top to sort (e.g. Alphabetical or Most Recent). 

2. To add new material, click the plus sign in the upper right.

Click the plus sign icon in the upper right corner.

3. Click Add New, then choose the desired option.

Upload Media - Use this when the file you want to submit already exists on your computer or a portable storage device.
For step-by-step instructions see:

4. Upload or create materials according to the directions from your instructor, following the processes above.  For all three, there will be an uploading phase, then a window for modifying the Name and Description, and for adding Tags.  Then you will need to Save.  When finished, your file is either published immediately (an unmoderated gallery) or more likely, will be sent to your instructor's Pending queue.  Once your instructor accepts it, THEN it will appear in the Media (Course) Galleries.  As always, if you have questions, check with your instructor.