Upload a Media File

You can upload and add a video anywhere you see the Content Editor--creating a thread in a discussion forum, creating a journal or blog post, or clicking "Write Submission" from an assignment submission window.  


1. If necessary, click More Tools  to reveal the entire toolbar.   
Note: if you are adding text, it is a little easier to type it in first. There is a known issue with extra line breaks below a video file.

2. Click the Add Content icon .

From the Add content menu, Kaltura Media is the second item under Additional Tools.

3. Choose Kaltura Media. Your Kaltura Media - My Media library will open.  

4. Click Add New > Media Upload.

Add New button is in the upper right corner.

5. The Upload Media screen will open.  Drag and Drop or click Choose a file to upload, then browse your computer.  Select the desired file and click Open.

6. The upload will begin immediately.  The name of the file will appear top left in the gray bar, and will be populated in the Name field, minus the file extension (not pictured).

7. If desired, modify the Name, add Description and Tags as desired.  Scroll down and click Save (not pictured).

8. The green bar at the top will indicate that your changes have been saved (not pictured). From the top right corner of the screen, click Save and Embed

The Save and Embed button is in the upper right corner.

9. The content editor will reload with the preview of your video displayed.   To complete your post, add a Title (required) and Description (optional).  When ready, click Submit