Norton Digital Resources for Students

How to access W.W. Norton Ebooks & Activities in UNM Learn

Students should only access W.W. Norton Digital Resources via UNM Learn and not through any direct links from your instructor or through the publisher's website.

Please note, you will be charged for these materials through your UNM Bursar's account.  Instructions re. how to opt out  are included at the bottom of the page.

1. Log into your UNM Learn course. 

2. Look around. Your instructor will have provided directions about what to expect and where to find either a web link to a central W.W. Norton page or introductory quiz or assignment.  If you do not see any of these, probably best to contact them directly.

3. Clicking any Norton web link will activate your account--no need to register, no codes to enter.  Read and accept the "Terms of Use and Privacy Policy."

3. Begin working. Below is an example of an assignment linked individually.



Your instructor may choose to use one of two integration styles, or a combination of both. See the explanation below to understand how grades will appear in your UNM Learn "My Grades" page. For more about viewing grades, see My Grades - Quick Help.

Product home page integration:
Product home page links take you to the overview page for a particular activity, like InQuizitive or Smartwork. The grade book column you will see under "My Grades" reports your average grade for all the Norton quizzes or assignments you have completed.

Individual Activity Link integration:
Individual activity links take you directly to a particular Norton InQuizitive quiz or Smartwork assignment. Under "My Grades," you will see a separate column for each, a column that simply reports your score for that activity.

Getting Help:

For questions related to W.W. Norton functionality, please contact them directly:

Norton Support - Submit a ticket, email and chat:

Norton Documentation -

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For questions about Inclusive Access, contact the UNM Bookstore:

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For UNM Learn Support:
CALL:  (505) 277-0857 or 1 (877) 688-8817
USE "Create A Support Ticket" through your Learn course.  


How to Opt Out 

1. Click the link to open the "Course Materials" content area.

2. Click the "RedShelf Course Materials" link.

3. Click "View course details to opt out of course materials."

4. Scroll to the bottom to select "I want to opt out of access to all required materials for this course."

5. Follow the onscreen instructions to opt out of the book.

Onscreen opting out instructions page.  Opt out link at the bottom one last time.