Frequently Asked Questions

 For questions that are specific to Proctorio, open a Proctorio-enabled test in your Google Chrome browser.  Their support resources should be available upon entry—including documentation and live chat.  To contact Learn support use the Create A Support Ticket in your course menu and/ or call 505-277-0857.

Q: My exam requires a room scan.  Any suggestions?
A: Yes.  All the tool does is record.  Making sure you include all the things your instructor may want to see is your responsibility.  Be sure to show your work surface—make it clear you do not have access to prohibited materials, and demonstrate that you are alone/ that there is no one else in the room with you.

Q: I really like Firefox.  Can I use that?
A: No.  For the foreseeable future, you must use Google Chrome.

Q: I cannot get the system to verify my ID!
A: Use the manual photo option.   Note: remember to put your ID in front of the computer’s camera, not up against the screen.

Q: What do I do if I get kicked off in the middle of the exam?
A:  In most cases, assuming you still have time left on the clock, you should be able to log back in and resume your work.  It that is not the case, contact your instructor immediately.  

Q: I can’t get the system to pass the video check?
A: Adjust the lighting, open or close blinds/ curtains, or shift your position and try again.  Best not to have a huge, bright window behind you.  Desk lamps or normal room lighting works best.

Q: Help, my Mac laptop mic fails audio check?
A: Our testing indicates that if you just try it a second time, it will pass.

Q: Trouble with the webcam images
A: You may need to take off your glasses for a moment, or adjust the angle of your webcam to reduce glare. Note: sunglasses are not permitted.

Q: If I have problems, what do I do?!
A:  When you're having issues with the tool, lines of defense are: 1) Reload the page, 2) Contact Proctorio support, 3) Remove and add the extension (add link will be in the course once you remove), 4) restart Chrome session.