Virtual Proctoring and Student Privacy

Proctorio, a third-party virtual proctoring service, was selected for use by the University of New Mexico in large part because of its high privacy and security standards. Proctorio is a tool integrated directly into UNM Learn. The tool requires a browser add-on for student and faculty test proctoring access.

When using virtual proctoring, instructors choose which types of proctoring data they would like to monitor for each proctored test. While students complete proctored tests, that data is securely streamed via an https connection to the Proctorio server environment, where it is analyzed in real time. Data transmitted from UNM Learn is double-encrypted and does not contain student names, IDs, grades or other personal information. After analysis, proctoring data is re-encrypted and stored on Proctorio servers in accordance with UNM policies. Proctorio's secure server and storage infrastructure is hosted in the Microsoft Azure cloud.

Per their company policies, Proctorio never allows any person to watch student test attempts live, unless the student requests and consents to live Proctorio Support during the attempt. Only authorized university officials have access to any recordings or other data captured during a student’s test. The data is inaccessible in any meaningful form outside of the proctoring gradebook, which can only be accessed by authorized users from within the secure UNM Learn environment.

For student users, Proctorio only runs and is capable of collecting data while a student is active in a proctored test on UNM Learn. For faculty users, Proctorio runs while a faculty member is in a course for which remote proctoring has been enabled. The only software required to use Proctorio is the browser and plug-in. The plugin is only capable of transmitting proctoring data according to the process outlined above.

UNM's commitment to protecting student privacy (as detailed in UNM Regent's Policy 2550) includes the protection of test data. For further details about Proctorio’s security and privacy commitments, please visit their website.