Troubleshooting Proctorio Issues

The instructions below explain what to do if you get an error when first redeeming your Proctorio voucher code: "Invalid voucher code supplied" or "The voucher code provided has already been used."  It also provides troubleshooting steps if you have redeemed the code successfully but are prompted to "Enter Password" when attempting to take a test.

Error: "Invalid voucher code supplied"

Please check that you are entering the code exactly as it was provided by RedShelf, paying special attention to letter case.  If you are still having issues, please contact RedShelf:

This error message reads Invalid code.


Error: "The voucher code provided has already been used"

Please contact RedShelf:


 *Be sure to attach a screenshot of the issue in your RedShelf support ticket.

 *On the support form, select/ enter the following:
      -"I am a student/ general customer and I need help"
      - Email address
      - "I can log in, but I'm experiencing an issue while using my product"
      - Choose "Courseware"
      - "The Publisher's site says my code is invalid or has already been used"
      - Book/ product title or ISBN:  PROCTORIO
      - Description of issue:  First/Last name, Course, 16 digit code you attempted to redeem


"Enter Password"

If you are being prompted for a password when attempting to take a test using Proctorio:

If you have already successfully redeemed your code and you are prompted to enter a Password when you try to take a remotely-proctored test, try the steps below.

This could indicate either an issue with your Proctorio extension or the test/ course itself.

On your machine, try the following steps:

  1. Click the puzzle icon in the upper right.
  2. Click the More icon (the three dots) to the right of the Proctorio extension.
  3. Select "Manage Extensions."
  4. Scroll down and make sure the option "Allow this extension to read and change all your data on websites you visit" is set to "On all sites."
  5. Check to be sure the "Allow in incognito" setting is enabled (the slider should be blue).
  6. You may need to refresh the page or reload the test for these settings to take effect.

If checking/modifying the settings does not work, remove and reinstall the extension.  Note: the Proctorio extension often reloads with the "Allow in incognito" setting disabled, so walk through the steps above again after reinstalling.

To contact Proctorio for more assistance, use the live chat option from the extension, or go to:

If they are not able to assist you, please contact your instructor.  Let UNM Learn Support know using the "Create A Support Ticket" link in the course menu.  Please include the course, test name, and a screenshot in your message.