Taking Virtually Proctored Tests

Proctorio is a virtual proctoring service that your instructors may use to promote academic integrity in your UNM Learn course. It provides the convenience of remote, automated proctoring, without the need to schedule in advance. Requirements include a reliable internet connection, the equipment detailed below, and a $20 course proctoring voucher (see Virtual Proctoring Payment Information). Your instructors may use Proctorio to record data about your testing environment and/or restrict access to some features of your workstation while you take a test UNM Learn. Only your instructor or authorized university officials will be able to see the data collected – there's no live monitoring on the other end. For more information on the privacy and security of your data while using Proctorio, see our Privacy Statement.

Hardware and Resource Requirements

Taking a virtually proctored test requires a workstation or laptop, a stable internet connection, and the Chrome browser.  Depending on the course, you may also need a webcam, a microphone, and/ or a valid photo ID.  For more details, see Hardware and Resources.

Installing the Proctorio Extension

If you are not already using Google Chrome, you will see a large error image.

Log into UNM Learn, then navigate to the test or exam.  Tests, quizzes or exams that use Proctorio will always have the words (Remotely Proctored) at the end of the title. 

If you are not already using Google Chrome, you will see an alert box with a link. Click that and follow the instructions for downloading and installing Google Chrome. 

Then follow the instructions for downloading and installing the Proctorio Extension.

You will be prompted to download and install the Proctorio Extension.

Once the Proctorio Extension has been enabled, you will see a small gray shield in the upper right corner.  Whenever you are logged into UNM Learn and have accessed a test page for a Proctorio-enabled test, this connection will be active and give you access to live chat and to Proctorio support resources.  
 Click the shield icon in the upper right corner of your Google window for Proctorio support.
Once you have logged into Learn using Google Chrome, with the Proctorio Extensions enabled, click to open the test link as you normally would.

Activating your Voucher

The first time you take a proctored test, you will be prompted to enter a voucher code. This code covers the duration of the course, and you should only have to enter it once.  That said, if you are taking more than one course which uses virtual proctoring, each additional course will have its own code (so you will repeat the process for each course).

To retrieve and enter your code: 

1. Inside your UNM Learn course, look for a link called "Course Materials," "RedShelf Course Materials" or "RedShelf." Click to open it.  (If you are not sure which one it is, check with your instructor.)

2. On the RedShelf page, copy the code provided for Proctorio.  Note:  Copy it into a text editor or jot it down on a piece of paper because the formatting cannot be pasted directly into Proctorio.  The code IS case sensitive:  capital "A" lower case "a."

3. After you complete the precheck process (below), the Proctorio "Exam Payment Options" screen will open.  Since you will be charged for this code on your Bursar's bill, you do not want to pay Proctorio directly.  Instead, click "I have a voucher." 

The first option asks you to pay.  Click the third, "I have a code."

4. You will be asked for your email address, which will be used to provide you with an electronic receipt.  (Note: we recommend you use your UNM email address for this step.)  Enter your voucher code from step 2.  It is case sensitive so reproduce it exactly.  Click Submit.

There are 4 boxes for the code, each accepts 4 characters. The Submit button is directly below the last box.

If you encounter an error when entering your voucher code, consult Troubleshooting Proctorio Issues.


Completing the Precheck Process

Open the test and begin the Prechecks.  Do not worry: the Prechecks do not count in the time allotted to a timed exam. Exam pre-checks are designed to make sure your computer is properly configured and able to complete the exam. The goal is to access recording devices and make sure they are working properly.  It should only take a moment or two to complete.

The initial text screens, “Begin [Test Name] (Remotely Proctored)” and “Prechecks [Test Name] (Remotely Proctored)” explain what will be monitored or restricted, and whether you can log back in if you unexpectedly lose access. 

Take a moment to read them carefully.  On the Begin screen, click Begin when you are ready.  On the Prechecks screen, you may see a pink area requiring you to “Close all browser tabs and windows.”  Either close them manually, or use “click here” for the software to close them for you.

Dialog box - Close open tabs.

You may also see a pink area requiring you to enable Incognito browsing. 

Dialog box that prompts you to Enable Incognito Browsing.

When completed, the Fix errors to continue button at the bottom will change to Start exam pre-checks.

System Check (required)

The system check verifies: that your physical location can be accessed, there is a properly working microphone, there is an accessible webcam, and the computer hardware and connection are sufficient.

The initial System Diagnostics Test screen reports on Location, Webcam, Microphone, Connection and Desktop configuration.

If your instructor requires location information, you will see a dialog box asking for permission to access it.  Click Allow.

If your instructor has enabled video or audio monitoring, you must allow Proctorio permission to access your webcam and microphone before you begin the system check.  Click Allow.

Dialog box requesting permission to use your camera - Click Allow.

Proctorio will ask to share your screen.  Click Share.

Dialog box asking to share your screen.  Click Share.

Additional Checks – Webcam Image Test, Microphone Levels, ID Capture, Verification Frames, Room Scan, and Exam Agreement (required)

Depending on the settings applied to your test or exam, you will be asked to do the following:

Microphone Level Test
The audio samples detect the difference between the white-noise of the room and talking levels. Click “Begin microphone test.”

Icon that accompanies the command to Begin Microphone Test.

Identification Card

Showing a photo ID allows you to prove that you are the person taking the test.  It is accessible only to your instructor, course TAs and on rare occasions, UNM Learn administrators.  Proctor staff cannot view it.

  • Do not use a military ID:  it is illegal.
  • Remember to aim your ID at your webcam, NOT your computer screen.
  • If you are having difficulty, use the light blue Click here link to scan it manually. 

Click to Re-take or Next

This image shows the ID check screen being used.

Webcam Image Test.
The webcam verification test captures 5 images from your webcam.  The key to creating acceptable images is to find a position where your face is evenly lit, and centered in the frame.

Click Begin camera test. (If you have trouble, try the help link – “Don’t see yourself above?”)

 An image showing the picture samples generated by the webcam image test.

Some common reasons why this fails:

  • Make sure your webcam is adjusted so that your face is centered. 
  • Don’t cover your face with your hands. 
  • Uneven light:  You may need to turn off a bright lamp if it is behind your head.
  • Back Lighting:  Try partially close blinds, or shift your position so that the window is on one side or the other.
  • Glare from Glasses: Try dimming your computer screen, or adjusting the angle of your webcam.
  • No sunglasses or hats, unless the hat is worn for religious purposes.

Intelligent Room Scan.
 At any point during your exam, you may be randomly asked to show your exam environment. You must slowly move your webcam, showing the surrounding and desk areas. If you are using notes, calculators or textbooks, please clearly show these items.  Be sure to get clarification from your professor if you are unsure what she or he expects in your room scan.  To proceed click I understand.  

For the room scan, slowly spin the webcam in a circle showing the entire room.

Exam Agreement

This screen summarizes all the material that has been collected.  You must certify that you are the person taking the test.  When ready, click I accept, begin exam now.

Image that shows the exam agreement screen, summarizing your information and input.

Getting Help - Support Resources

Proctorio support

Proctorio support is available 24/7.  Once you have logged into UNM Learn and have accessed a test page for a Proctorio-enabled test, you should see a chat box in the bottom right corner of your screen. If you do not, click the shield in the top right-hand corner of the Chrome window. Whether you are just setting things up, or taking an exam, they will respond to chat requests promptly.

See also Troubleshooting Proctorio Issues.