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Unleash your Potential with the Anderson Online MBA 

The Anderson School of Management Online MBA provides you with an energetic educational environment that elevates your leadership skills and translates knowledge into empowerment through outcome-focused, team-based, and practical approaches to business issues.

Anderson’s innovative curriculum, diverse faculty, experiential learning, and an in-house professional development center prepares you for the dynamic and changing business world. Whether you are enhancing your current career, changing professions, or looking to enter industry, the online MBA program can help place you with one of more than 200 employers that recruit Anderson students.

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The MBA for Tomorrow's Leaders

The forward-looking curriculum provides you with the tools necessary to lead in a changing world. As a student in the online MBA program, you will integrate foundational business subjects with cutting edge topics to solve tomorrow’s problems, including:

  • Diversity Leadership
  • Cybersecurity
  • Business Analytics
  • Project Management
  • Finance


Your MBA on Your Time

With flexible scheduling for part-time or full-time programs of study, students with diverse backgrounds and schedules can navigate the program independently and with ease. All courses are offered in an 8-week format, allowing you to complete the program in as little as 16 months.

Application Deadlines:

  • First Half Fall: July 15
  • Second Half Fall: September 15
  • First Half Spring: December 1
  • Second Half Spring: February 15
  • Summer: April 15

Entering MBA Class Averages (Spring 2022)


Women Students


Minority Students


Learning Goals

 Goal 1:  Apply core concepts of business and managerial disciplines.

1.1: Students will use core concepts to identify strategic, tactical, and operational problems and develop proposed solutions.

1.2: Students will apply core concepts to analyze, initiate and implement managerial actions.

Goal 2:  Apply business and managerial skills across disciplines.

2.1: Students will demonstrate the ability to develop pertinent and logically structured arguments.

2.2: Students will demonstrate the written and oral presentation skills necessary for a management professional.

2.3: Students will demonstrate the ability to apply analytic techniques relevant to specific business problems and contexts.

2.4: Students will demonstrate the ability to work effectively in teams and to evaluate their performance.

Goal 3:  Evaluate the consequences of managerial decisions in diverse business contexts.

3.1: Students will be able to evaluate managerial decisions in local, global, and international environments.

3.2: Students will be able to evaluate the effectiveness, competence, and ethical consequences of managerial decisions.



Tuition and Fees

The total cost per credit hour is $805 and is comprised of: $428.12 base tuition + $376.88 college differential. There is a student technology fee charged each semester. It is $150 in the Fall, $150 in the Spring, and $20 in the Summer. There may be additional costs, depending on the class. Additional costs are often for textbooks, supplemental course materials, and proctoring fees.

Application Process


  • For a complete application, please submit all required materials. The Online MBA degree does not have a work experience requirement.

Online Application

Statement of Intent

  • Please write an essay (approximately 500 words) explaining your reason for seeking an advanced degree in business, as well as your personal qualities and experience, that will benefit your professional colleagues in the program. Include any noteworthy achievements or additional information you wish to share with the Admission Committee. Your statement of purpose can be uploaded with your online application.


  • Please submit a current résumé detailing your work experience, management experience, and areas of responsibility. Your résumé will be uploaded with your online application.

Application Fee

  • The application fee is $50 for domestic applicants and $120 for international applicants.
  • If you are on active duty or you are a military veteran (honorably discharged), you are eligible to receive an application fee waiver. You may apply for an application fee waiver by submitting supportive documentation here.
Applicants are required to submit official transcripts through Business CAS from all non-UNM institutions attended. International applicants will be required to submit official transcripts in their native language and in English. Review the requirements for Domestic and Foreign transcripts (

Entrance Exam
  • The Anderson Online MBA program accepts either the GMAT or GRE.
    • Request GMAT/GRE exam scores to be sent to UNM (using institutional code 4845) unless applying for a GMAT or GRE waiver.
    • Official test scores must be received on or before the admission deadline.
  • Applicants may apply for an Entrance Exam Waiver. See the waiver requirements and application process here.
Application Deadlines

Application deadlines for the first half of the Spring semester is December 1, and February 15 for the second half. The Summer deadline is April 15. For the Fall semester, July 15 is the deadline for the first half and it is September 15 for starting in the second half. 

By the deadline, these checklist items are required:

  1. Online application submitted by 5:00 p.m.
  2. Application Fee
  3. Official scores for the Entrance Exam (GMAT or GRE) must be received by application deadline.

Questions? Email


Degree Requirements

Program of Study

Students complete the following core coursework (31 Credits)*:
MGMT 600 - Perspectives on Management and Careers
MGMT 501 - Data-Driven Decision Making
MGMT 502 - Financial Accounting & Analysis
MGMT 504 - Managerial Economics
MGMT 506 - Managing People in Organizations
MGMT 508 – Business and Society
MGMT 511 – Technology, Commercialization, & Global Environment
MGMT 520 – Operations Design and Decision Making
MGMT 522 – Managerial Marketing
MGMT 526 – Financial Decision Making 
MGMT 598 – The Strategic Management Process (Prerequisites: MGMT 504 and 506 and 520 and 522 and 526 and 600; Pre-/Co-requisite:  MGMT 508 and 511)
MGMT 601 – MBA Knowledge Exam

Students complete at least 12 credit hours of electives from the following tracks:

Students may select one of the following tracks or may take elective courses from several tracks, depending on their interests and career goals.

Business Administration Track

  • MGMT 515 Innovative Product Development
  • MGMT 517 Technology Program Management
  • MGMT 533 Analysis Tools for Managers
  • MGMT 562 Organizational Change Consulting
  • MGMT 568 Creative Leadership
  • Any other electives from the other tracks

Business Analytics Track

  • MGMT 533 Analysis Tools for Managers
  • MGMT 588 Supply Chain Models and Strategy
  • MGMT 635 Data Analytics
  • MGMT 637 Database Management Systems
  • MGMT 645 Data Mining
  • MGMT 660 Text Mining and Sentiment Analysis

Cybersecurity Track

  • MGMT 636 Information Systems Security
  • MGMT 646 Digital Forensics
  • MGMT 647 Systems and Network Administration
  • MGMT 648 Advanced Information Systems Security
  • MGMT 662 Security Risk Management

Diversity Leadership Track

  • MGMT 562 Organizational Change Consulting
  • MGMT 566 Diversity Leadership
  • MGMT 567 Women in Management
  • MGMT 568 Creative Leadership

Finance Track

  • MGMT 571 Investment Management (required)
  • MGMT 577 Applications in Business Finance (required)
  • MGMT 570 Analysis of the Financial Systems
  • MGMT 573 Seminar in Management of Financial Institutions
  • MGMT 579 Applied Investment Management

Operations Management Track

  • MGMT 533 Analysis Tools for Manager
  • MGMT 588 Supply Chain Model and Strategy
  • MGMT 635 Data Analytics
  • MGMT 401 Introduction to Project Management

Project Management Track

  • MGMT 401 Introduction to Project Management
  • MGMT 515 Innovative Product Development
  • MGMT 517 Technology Program Management
  • MGMT 519 Project in Technology Commercialization
  • MGMT 530 Advanced Project Management Techniques
  • MGMT 533 Analysis Tools for Managers

*Note: If you have an undergraduate business degree, you may be able to substitute a core course that corresponds with the undergraduate concentration.

Success Tips for Online Students

Meet Dr. Ryan Jacobson, Associate Professor of Management, and Beverly Bracker, JD, Sr. Student Success Specialist, as they talk about Dr. Jacobson's course, MGMT 506 - Managing People in Organizations. Gain additional insight on expectations and strategies for success as an online graduate student.


 Accelerated Online Program

At a Glance

Major Requirements: 43 credit hours (31 core, 12 electives)
Cost Per Credit Hour: $805
Length of Classes: 8-week courses, 5 times a year

College/School: Anderson School of Management

Tuition: Program Details and Tuition & Fee Information.


Website: Anderson School of Management
Phone: Rick Robb or Olivia Torres-Jojola: (505) 277-9000