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Academic Support for Online Courses

UNM Center for Academic Support (CAPS)

The Center for Academic Support (CAPS) provides a range of services, including interactive online tutoring, to help students meet the challenges of their courses at UNM. All UNM students have access to CAPS' in-person or online tutoring services. CAPS can be reached at (505) 277-7205.

Undergraduate Academic Advisement

UNM's Office of Advising Strategies provides student-centered support and services to promote academic success and help undergraduate students reach their educational and career goals.  

The Exploratory and Pre-Professional Advisement Center (EPAC) plays a pivotal role in shaping the early academic success of UNM students. The Advisement Center provides professional and personalized academic advisement with the students in University College.  The interaction between students and the Advisement Center begins with their initial academic placement and advisement during Lobo Orientation and will continue until a student transitions to a major.  

Graduate Resource Center

UNM's Graduate Resource Center provides prospective and current students with a variety of resources to promote academic success, provide research support, increase student retention, and reduce time to degree completion.  

University Libraries

UNM's University Libraries offer students access to all of the Library's resources online. If you need additional assistance, the Ask a Librarian tool is available by chat, text, email or phone.

UNM Support, Services, and Activities is a one-stop information source for UNM academic services, social activities, cultural activities, and health and wellness support, on and off campus.

UNM Online

Albuquerque: (505) 277-8128
Toll-Free: 1-866-869-6040