Program Overview

The Organization, Information & Learning Sciences Program of the University of New Mexico offers a minor in Instructional Technology and Training that focuses on providing students with the background needed to design and develop online and face-to-face training.

Minor Requirements

The 18 credit-hour program consists of undergraduate level courses that address how adults learn, training design, program evaluation, and the use of technology to manage learning programs.

Who is Eligible?

Students admitted to an undergraduate Accelerated Online Program and students otherwise interested in an undergraduate online education option are eligible for the minor in Technology and Training. Still, it is important to determine whether the minor is suitable. Interested students should connect with an academic advisor or reach out to Organization, Information & Learning Sciences by calling 505-277-2137 or emailing

Program of Study

Course Number

Course Name

Credit Hours

OILS 466

Principles of Adult Learning


OILS 471

Designing Training



Upper-Level Elective Courses in OILS





It is possible to complete the elective requirement in the online format. Upper-level elective courses must consist of 12 credit hours of 300 to 400-level OILS courses. Current online OILS courses are displayed here.

Contact your advisor to plan your personal program of study.

 Accelerated Online Program

At a Glance

Major Requirements: 18 Credit Hours

College/School: College of Education and Human Sciences

Tuition: Special tuition rates apply to this program. Additional fees may apply.


Website: Organization, Information and Learning Sciences
Phone: 505-277-2231