The University of New Mexico has been continuously accredited through the Higher Learning Commission (HLC) since 1922. HLC accreditation covers all of UNM’s campuses and programs. Additionally, the New Mexico Higher Education Department (NMHED) oversees and regulates all postsecondary institutions operating in New Mexico and recognizes that UNM is authorized to offer programs in post-secondary education at both the undergraduate and graduate levels.

State Authorization Regulations

  • Are you currently enrolled or do you plan to enroll in online courses at the University of New Mexico?
  • Will you live outside of New Mexico during your attendance at UNM?

If you answered yes to both questions, the following state authorization information applies to you.

Recent amendments to the Higher Education Act of 1965 include changes to a regulation on State Authorization that impact online and distance education providers. The regulation states:

If an institution is offering postsecondary education through distance or correspondence education to students in a State in which it is not physically located or in which it is otherwise subject to State jurisdiction as determined by the State, the institution must meet any State requirements for it to be legally offering postsecondary distance or correspondence education in that State. An institution must be able to document to the Secretary the State's approval upon request. (Authority: 20 U.S.C. 1001 and 1002)

In other words, UNM must seek authorization to deliver distance education outside New Mexico borders. The regulation changes are designed to address the growing population of students residing at a distance and pursuing university-level education online.

Programs Leading to Professional Licensure

The University of New Mexico cannot confirm whether any particular course or program meets requirements for professional licensure in states other than New Mexico. If you are planning to apply for licensure in a state other than New Mexico after completion of your program, contact that state's appropriate licensing board to determine whether the UNM program meets licensure requirements in that state. If you need assistance finding contact information for your state, or if you need additional information regarding professional licensure, please contact us toll-free at 866-869-6040.

UNM is working to comply with these changes and will provide up-to-date information as it becomes available. See our current status in each state, including program availability, on our Authorization Map.