Degree Spotlight

Degree Spotlight: Master of Music in Music Education
July 28, 2022

a woman and man playing viola

A master’s degree can open career options for educators, with some school districts offering raises for employees who earn a graduate degree. How can busy music instructors manage their current workloads while working? What are the career options?

Degree Spotlight: Space Systems Engineering
February 14, 2022

Photo of Kennedy Space Center

How can a master’s degree in space systems engineering impact your career? A faculty member from UNM explained more about this impactful, unique program.

Degree Spotlight: Internet of Things
October 15, 2021


Do you use a smartwatch to track your fitness? Maybe you have a phone app that controls the lights or air-conditioning in your home. Many homeowners now employ smart doorbells with built-in cameras that allow them to see who is at the door — even when they are away from home.

Degree Spotlight: Native American Studies
September 22, 2021

Catherine Montoya in graduation gown

What does a degree in Native American Studies entail and what careers can it lead to? Learn more in this interview with UNM Senior Student Success Specialist, Dr. Catherine Montoya.