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Proctoring Resources

In some online courses, instructors require supervised attendance at exams. Since it is the student's responsibility to secure a proctoring site that meets instructor approval, it is important to note the following:

  • While free options exist, most proctoring services are offered for a fee
  • In-person proctoring providers typically take reservations 1 to 3 weeks in advance of the exam date

Virtual and in-person proctoring resources are featured below. UNM does not officially endorse any proctoring locations.

Virtual Proctoring

UNM offers a virtual proctoring solution through Proctorio. If your instructor has elected to use Proctorio, it will be listed as a course material with the UNM Bookstore. During the 2018-2019 academic year, students in Proctorio courses will pay the vendor directly for a course-long pass, in the amount of $20 per course. Proctorio requires the following specifications:

  • Desktop or laptop computer
  • Portable web camera OR built-in laptop camera
  • Microphone headset (best to minimize external noise) OR built-in computer/laptop microphone
  • Minimum Internet connection speed of .092 Mbps (0.663 Mbps is optimal)
  • Minimum recommended RAM of 4GB
  • Download of Chrome Browser (free and open)

If your computer is not configured with a web camera or microphone, these items are available for purchase through the UNM Bookstore with your Bursar account funds.

In-Person Proctoring Resources

Proctoring Location Information
National College Testing Association
Free Referral Service
UNM Testing CenterAlbuquerqueFree for UNM students2-3 weeks(505) 277-5346
UNM Health Sciences Rio Rancho CampusAlbuquerqueFree for UNM students1 week(505) 925-8669
Central New Mexico Community College

Albuquerque - CNM Workforce Training Center

$25 for UNM students1 week minimum(505) 224-5204
Lewis University National Test CenterAlbuquerque - Kirtland Air Force Base$20 - $40 for UNM students
Available ONLY to students with access to KAFB
1 week

(505) 265-3947

Sylvan LearningAlbuquerque$50 per test1 week(505) 296-1155
Clovis Community College Testing CenterClovis, NM (there is an option at Cannon Air Force Base for students with base access)$25 for UNM students24 hours minimum; 2 days preferred(575) 769-4088
UNM Gallup Testing CenterGallup, NMFree for UNM students1 week(505) 863-7534
Michelle Lee
New Mexico State University – GrantsGrants, NM$15 per test1 week
Request Form
(505) 287-6691
San Juan College Testing CenterFarmington, NM$35 per test1 week(505) 566-3139
New Mexico State University - Dona Ana Community CollegeLas Cruces, NM$25 for UNM students1 week(575) 527-7569
Lisa Trevino
UNM Los Alamos Student ServicesLos Alamos, NMFree for UNM students ONLY1 week(505) 661-4692
Elizabeth Rademacher
UNM Valencia Assessment CenterLos Lunas, NMFree for UNM students24 hours(505) 925-8569
Joshua Owen
Santa Fe Community CollegeSanta Fe, NM$25 per test1 week(505) 428-1625
Fred Tixier