Current Students: Getting Started


You can find an overview of what online education is like at the University of New Mexico at Welcome to UNM Online.  

Once you are admitted to UNM, register for classes by logging into Class schedules can be exported to your calendar following this video guide. 

Academic deadlines can be found here.   

We recommend you review the Orientation to Canvas & Online Tools guide to familiarize yourself with the UNM Canvas learning management system and its associated technology requirements.  

Please visit Ask Me: Welcome Back to the Pack! for answers to questions regarding financial aid, class schedule, computing resources/technology services, student resources, and much more!

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UNM Online strives to offer the highest quality in online education. Because online education is delivered across state lines, there are state and federal regulations in place to ensure students are protected and receive a quality education. For students outside New Mexico who are pursuing a licensure degree from UNM, it is critical to verify relevant state authorizations.  

Email questions to UNM Online:  

Online Course Types

The University of New Mexico (UNM) offers the following programs online:

There are two methods of online course delivery: 

  • One method has no, or very few, required meetings. 
  • The other method has regularly scheduled, often weekly, class meetings. 

The paw icon paw thumbnailindicates a course met rigorous course development standards and received a Golden Paw. With Golden Paw courses, quality initiatives were met and certified by the Online Course Advisory Council. Each online course awarded the Golden Paw underwent UNM’s highest assessment following the Online Course Standards Rubric.  

Commonly, online courses are conducted over the entire semester (full-term), the first half, (1H), or the second half, (2H). The Schedule of Online Courses has current online course offerings.

Learning Management System (LMS)

UNM has transitioned to the Canvas learning management system, for more visit Canvas @ UNM.

Tutoring & Exam Proctoring

Online tutoring services for undergraduates are available through CAPS, UNM's Center for Academic Program Support. For graduate students, there are individual consultations at the Graduate Resource Center. Online writing labs are available for undergraduate and graduate students. Additional writing and language support is offered through the Writing & Language Center. 

Each student is responsible for coordinating the service with the course’s instructor when exam proctoring is required — whether virtual or in-person. Proctoring resources are available here.   

UNM Online Student Support

UNM Online staff answer questions about the university's online education system. At, a chatbot is available for 24/7 inquiries. Questions the chatbot cannot answer will be addressed in 1-2 business days by UNM Online staff. 

Contact UNM Online

  • Hours: Monday through Friday, 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m., MST

  • Web:

  • Email:

  • Phone: Albuquerque: (505) 277-9000 or Toll free: (866) 869-6040 

  • Virtual Advisement Hours: Join us on Zoom for Virtual Advisement Hours Tuesdays and Thursdays, 10 a.m. to Noon (Mountain Time). Meeting ID: 967 7118 3893


Resources such as academic support, student support, health & wellness, and more are found in the navigation panel on this page at the top on the far left.