General Education Courses

The University of New Mexico requires all undergraduate students to complete General Education requirements as part of earning any baccalaureate degree. Complementing the major, General Education provides a set of strategies: communication, critical thinking, information analysis, quantitative skills, and responsibility toward local and global communities. Students develop these strategies from different angles by taking one or more courses in each of the seven areas of the General Education curriculum: (1) communication, (2) mathematics and statistics, (3) physical and natural sciences, (4) social and behavioral sciences, (5) humanities, (6) second language, and (7) arts and design. The General Education curriculum consists of 31 credit hours of courses in the seven areas of study. 

UNM offers an inventory of general education courses for Accelerated Online Program students in an 8-week format and are offered on a cyclical basis. Look for the courses in the current schedule of classes with a course comment that reads "Limited to accelerated online program students only." Below is a listing of the individual courses that fulfill a General Education requirement:

list of online general education courses
Course Number*Course NameUNM General Education AreaCredit Hours

ASTR 1115

Introduction to Astronomy

Physical & Natural Sciences3

ASTR 1115L

Introduction to Astronomy Laboratory

Physical & Natural Sciences1

BIOL 1110

General Biology

Physical & Natural Sciences3
BIOL 1110LGeneral Biology LabPhysical & Natural Sciences1

CCST 1110

Introduction to Comparative Global and Ethnic Societies

Social & Behavioral Sciences3

CCST 2110**

Introduction to Chicana and Chicano Studies


COMM 1130

Public Speaking


ECON 2110

Macroeconomic Principles

Social & Behavioral Sciences3

ECON 2120

Microeconomic Principles

Social & Behavioral Sciences3

ENGL 1110

Composition I


ENGL 1120

Composition II


ENGL 2210

Professional and Technical Communication


GEOG 1160

Home Planet: Land, Water, & Life

Physical & Natural Sciences3

GEOG 1160L

Home Planet Laboratory

Physical & Natural Sciences1

HIST 1150

Western Civilization IHumanities3

IADL 1110

Introduction to Information Studies


LING 2110

Introduction to the Study of Language and Linguistics

Social & Behavioral Sciences3

MATH 1220

College Algebra

Mathematics & Statistics3

MATH 1350

Introduction to Statistics

Mathematics & Statistics3

MATH 1430

Applications of Calculus I

Mathematics & Statistics3

MUSC 1120

Music Appreciation: Rock & Roll

Arts & Design3

MUSC 1130

Music Appreciation: Western Music

Arts & Design3

NATV 1150**

Introduction to Native American Studies


PHIL 1115

Introduction to Philosophy


PHIL 1120

Logic, Reasoning, and Critical Thinking


PORT 1110

Portuguese I

Second Language3

PSYC 1110

Introduction to Psychology

Social & Behavioral Sciences3

RELG 2110

Eastern Religions


SPAN 1110

Spanish I

Second Language3

SPAN 2120

Spanish IV

Second Language3

* Beginning with Fall 2019, UNM has implemented the State of New Mexico's Common Course Numbering (CCN). A full listing of UNM's general education courses can be found on the UNM General Education Website.

**Course also meets University's "U.S. and Global Diversity and Inclusion” 3-credit undergraduate degree requirement.