Program Overview

The University of New Mexico is pleased to offer a 12-credit hour transcripted graduate certificate in Chicana and Chicano Studies.  The graduate certificate program offers an exploration of the field including the unique cultural, historical, political and social development of Chicana and Chicano communities in New Mexico.  The certificate is a "stand-alone" program that is available to UNM graduate students, graduate students from other colleges or universities, or community members that have completed at least a bachelor's degree program. It is designed as an area of specialization for students pursuing a Master's degree or Doctorate in disciplines in the humanities, social sciences, fine arts, or professional disciplines. The graduate certificate will provide students with professional academic skills designed to enhance their job and career prospects.

Chicana and Chicano Studies is also known as Mexican-American Studies. It is also one component of Latino Studies offered at other colleges and universities in the United States. UNM's Chicana and Chicano Studies program is designed to enhance our student's analytical, critical thinking, communication, cross cross-cultural competency, leadership, and problem-solving skills. Similar to other Ethnic Studies types programs, Chicana and Chicano Studies provides students with a grounding in social justice and community-based advocacy.  The online Chicana and Chicano Studies graduate certificate program is a good foundation for pursuing a graduate degree in law, the humanities, or the social sciences. For those wishing to pursue a Latino Studies graduate program, the online graduate certificate program in Chicana and Chicano Studies will prepare students for graduate school success. 

Learning Goals

The graduate certificate for Chicana and Chicano Studies has the following learning outcomes:

  • Students will draw on diverse gendered, social, historical, economic, and cultural perspectives to evaluate the historical and contemporary conditions, issues, and challenges facing diverse Mexican descent populations.
  • Students will analyze intersectionality so as to understand the impact of the social construction of race, class, gender, and sexuality as related to diverse Chicana/o, and Latina/o communities in national and transnational contexts.
  • Students will evaluate the applicability and relevance of theories and approaches to Chicana/o experiences and to the discipline.


Tuition and Fees

The total cost per credit hour is $480.76 and is comprised of: $428.12 base tuition + $52.64 college differential. There is a student technology fee charged each semester. The fee is $150 in the Fall, $150 in the Spring, and $20 in the Summer. There may be additional costs, depending on the class. Additional costs are often for textbooks, supplemental course materials, and proctoring fees.

Admission Requirements

Applicants should complete and submit an online application. As part of the application, students will need to provide the following documentation:

  • A substantive letter of intent (3-5 double-spaced pages) summarizing prior academic training and explaining current academic and professional objectives. The letter of intent should focus on scholarly and research interests and how they relate to the field of Chicana and Chicano Studies.
  • One letter of recommendation.
  • Transcript(s) from the institution where the student received their BA and/or MA degree(s). 

For more information on these requirements see the application guidelines for the graduate certificate in Chicana and Chicano Studies.

To apply for the program, in the Program of Interest section of the UNM Graduate Admissions Application, select the following:

College/School:  College of Arts and Sciences

Department: Chicana/o Studies

Program/Major: Chicana/o Studies

Degree: GCERT Chicana and Chicano Studies

Interest: Certificate Only (Online Only)


Degree Requirements

The Chicana and Chicano Studies graduate certificate program is a stand-alone program available to students who have completed a bachelor's degree. The transcripted graduate certificate program requires 12 hours of graduate-level coursework.  Students must complete 50% of the courses required after admission to the certificate program. Students must receive at least a 3.0 GPA in all courses.


Program Coursework

The UNM Chicana and Chicano Studies Department offers a graduate certificate in Chicana and Chicano Studies for UNM and non-UNM students as a stand-alone program. The graduate certificate provides students the opportunity to complete a program that addresses themes and content related to topics such as:

  • gender and sexuality
  • race and ethnicity
  • arts and culture
  • political and social mobilization
  • immigration and citizenship
  • history and heritage
  • land grant studies
  • Chicana and Women of Color feminisms
  • queer studies

The program consists of 12 credit hours of graduate-level coursework in Chicana and Chicano Studies. The following courses are available in an 8-week Accelerated Online format for the graduate certificate:

Chicana and Chicano Studies Courses

Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours
CCS 530Transnational Latina Feminisms3
CCS 564Raza Genders and Sexualities3
CCS 580New Approaches in Chicana and Chicano Studies3
CCS 586Chicanos and Latinos in a Global Society3
CCS 590Advanced Seminar in Chicana and Chicano Studies3

Select four courses from the list, in consultation with an advisor.

 Accelerated Online Program

At a Glance

Certificate Requirements: 12 Credit Hours*
100% Online
Cost Per Credit Hour: $480.76
Length of Classes: 8 Weeks

College/School: College of Arts and Sciences

Tuition: Program Details and Tuition & Fee Information.

*To enroll in the certificate program, a student must meet admission requirements.


Website: Chicana and Chicano Studies
Phone: Rick Robb or Olivia Torres-Jojola: (505) 277-9000