Program Overview

The OILS Program offers a Master of Arts (M.A.) degree that gives students an opportunity to combine aspects of adult learning, learning sciences, organizational learning and development, and instructional technology that includes multimedia design and distance learning, principles of knowledge management and data management, and the design, development, and evaluation of training.

OILS students can expect to develop a diverse skillset that can help them hit the ground running when they enter the workforce. They will be able to design, teach, support, evaluate, lead, and manage programs for diverse audiences.

Coursework includes areas such as foundations of organizational learning, the adult learner, learning design, cross-cultural issues in learning, principles of knowledge management, instructional technology, eLearning, and program evaluation.

Data management courses give students both conceptual and practical hands-on training that can allow them to effectively design, manage, analyze, visualize, and preserve data and information.
Students who are knowledgeable in these areas are at a significant competitive advantage as they pursue further academic and professional efforts. OILS courses require students to apply their learning in real-world contexts.

Not only do OILS graduates have the flexibility to choose where they work, they also enjoy diverse and rewarding employment options that include adult learning, instructional design and technology, organizational development, training and development, distance education, eLearning, online learning, knowledge management, data management, project management, and much more.

Learning Goals

In addition to providing a well-rounded program that focuses on organizational learning, training and consulting, the MA in Instructional Technology & Training will:

  • Enhance opportunities for advancement in your chosen career
  • Increase your earning potential
  • Expand your employment opportunities
  • Broaden your consulting prospects


Tuition and Fees

Total cost per credit hour is $428.12. There is a student technology fee charged each semester. It is $150 in the Fall, $150 in the Spring, and $20 in the Summer. There may be additional costs, depending on the class. Additional costs are often for textbooks, supplemental course materials, and proctoring fees.

The MA OILS with a Design for Online Learning Concentration is offered as a Masters Plan III (coursework only) option.

Admission Prerequisites

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • At least a 3.0 GPA in the last sixty (60) hours of undergraduate work
  • A letter of intent addressing how the program will meet the applicant's professional goals, a resume, and an academic or professional writing sample
  • One letter of recommendation that includes an assessment of the ability of the applicant to be successful in a master's level program
  • Goals or objectives that can be reasonably achieved through a degree in this program
  • Language Skills for International Students: International students must meet all UNM Graduate Admissions Requirements including tests for English proficiency. For more information regarding international students, please see International Students and Online Education.

See the department's website for more detailed information on admissions including how to apply to the OILS Master's program and relevant deadline dates.  

To apply for the program, in the Program of Interest section within the UNM Graduate Admission Application, select the following:

College/School:  University Libraries and Learning Sciences
Department:  Organization/Information/Learning Sciences
Program/Major: Organization/Information/Learning Sciences
Degree:  MA OILS Learning Officer (Online Only)
Interest: Design for Online Learning

Degree Requirements

About the Program

The Design for Online Learning concentration develops knowledge, skills, and attitudes in professionals who design, teach, support, evaluate, lead, and manage programs for diverse audiences via distance technology in educational, corporate, government, military, and non-profit organizations. The program is innovative as it approaches Design for Online Learning from an international and cross-cultural perspective. Developed using the latest Internet-based technologies and facilitated by internationally recognized faculty the program is accessible entirely online. The program emphasizes a learner-centered, community-centered, interactive approach to online learning, where participants engage in hands-on activities and work collaboratively on complex, authentic real-world projects to develop products for immediate, practical use in the work environment. Participants interested in research explore Interaction Analysis and Social Learning Analytics to determine how online interactions and online learning communities can be improved. Careers include eLearning development specialists, faculty eLearning talent developers, and eLearning designers.

Required Core Courses, (Plan III Requirements, 15 credit hours)

Required Core Courses, (Plan III Requirements, 15 credit hours)
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours

(OILS 535
OILS 536)
OILS 545

Culture and Global eLearning I

Culture and Global eLearning II

Cross-Cultural Issues in Adult Learning




OILS 541

The Adult Learner


OILS 544

Program Evaluation


OILS 543
(OILS 546
OILS 547)

Instructional Design

Framing Designs for Learning

Prototyping Designs for Learning




OILS 597



Concentration (15 credit hours)

Choose from: Adult Education and Professional Development; Design for Online Learning; Instructional Design and Technology; Learning Officer; Organization Development and Human Resource Development.


Plan III Total


Required Courses for the Design for Online Learning (DOL) Concentration (12 credit hours)

Required Courses for the Design for Online Learning (DOL) Concentration (12 credit hours)
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours

OILS 517

Applied Aesthetics for Learning Design

OILS 537

eLearning Course Design I


OILS 538

eLearning Course Design II


OILS 560

Ethics as Design and Reflective Practice I


OILS 561

Ethics as Design and Reflective Practice II


OILS 571

Assessment for Learning and Performance I


OILS 572

Assessment for Learning and Performance II




Elective Courses for the (DOL) Concentration (3 credit hours)

Electives (choose 1 from)

Elective Courses for the (DOL) Concentration (3 credit hours)
Course NumberCourse NameCredit Hours

OILS 533

Leadership of Online Learning Systems


OILS 534

Mobile Learning: Introduction to Mobile Learning and Mobile Learning Design


OILS 554

Consulting and Project Management




 Accelerated Online Program

At a Glance

Major Requirements: 30 Credit Hours
Cost Per Credit Hour: $428.12
Length of Classes: 8 Weeks

College/School: College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

Tuition: Program Details and Tuition & Fee Information


Website: Organization, Information & Learning Sciences
Phone: Rick Robb or Olivia Torres-Jojola: (505) 277-9000