Program Overview

The Master of Arts in Organization, Information & Learning Sciences (OILS) program offers a unique perspective on learning sciences by concentrating on the convergence of organization development, information design and data management, and instructional design and instructional technology.

The Learning Officer concentration offers a path for professionals to quickly develop a competitive edge in this expanding field of employment. The Learning Officer concentration provides broad preparation to both develop and manage training and development programs that address organizational needs and are integrated into organizational change processes. Learning Officers and Chief Learning Officers work in nearly every field to manage and ultimately lead these processes. The OILS Learning Officer concentration is offered only through UNM’s Accelerated Online Programs, with all courses delivered online at a standard per credit hour fee rate, regardless of a student’s residency status.

Special features of the program include:

  • All courses offered in an 8-week online format
  • Degree program can be started during any 8-week session (five times a year)
  • 30 credit hour requirement can be completed in as little as 12 months
  • Affordable tuition
  • Most bachelor's degrees obtained from an accredited college or university are acceptable for admission to program

Possible Careers

Graduates will be in demand in any learning organization in various industries, such as private sector, non-profit organizations, healthcare, government agencies, and military.   Possible job titles include:

  • Learning Officer
  • Learning and Development Manager
  • Training and Development Manager
  • Learning Consultant
  • Human Resource Development Manager
  • Organizational Development and Learning Manager

Learning Goals

The Learning Officer program prepares leaders who facilitate organizational learning, instructional technology, and data management initiatives in real world settings.

Students are prepared for careers as educators, researchers, and developers of next-generation curricula, technology-enriched learning environments, and instructional programs.

Students understand how to investigate how people interact with information and ideas, as well as what interests and motivates them.

Learning Outcomes for MA OILS

The OILS program focuses on the design, development, delivery, and evaluation of training, organization development, knowledge management, distance education, e-learning, and instructional technology systems, methods and strategies with the intent of improving human performance. The program can best be described as one that is both theory-based and practitioner oriented.  The learning outcomes for the MA degree are outlined in the Organization, Information & Learning Sciences' Mission and Philosophy statement.


Tuition and Fees

Total cost per credit hour is $428.12. There is a student technology fee charged each semester. It is $150 in the Fall, $150 in the Spring, and $20 in the Summer. There may be additional costs, depending on the class. Additional costs are often for textbooks, supplemental course materials, and proctoring fees.

Admission Prerequisites

  • A Bachelor's degree from an accredited college or university
  • At least a 3.0 GPA in the last sixty (60) hours of undergraduate work
  • A letter of intent addressing how the program will meet the applicant's professional goals, a resume, and an academic or professional writing sample
  • Three letters of recommendation that include an assessment on the ability of the applicant to be successful in a master's level program
  • Goals or objectives that can be reasonably achieved through a degree in this program
  • Language Skills for International Students: International students must meet all UNM Graduate Admissions Requirements including tests for English proficiency. For more information regarding international students, please see International Students and Online Education.

See the department's website for more detailed information on admissions including how to apply to the OILS Master's program and relevant deadline dates.  

To apply for the program, in the Program of Interest section within the UNM Graduate Admission Application, select the following:

College/School:  University Libraries and Learning Sciences

Department:  Organization/Information/Learning Sciences

Program/Major: Organization/Information/Learning Sciences

Degree:  MA OILS Learning Officer (Online Only)

Interest:  Learning Officer


Degree Requirements

The MA OILS with a Learning Officer Concentration is offered as a Masters Plan III (coursework only) option.

About the Program

This Accelerated Online Program can be completed in as little as one year in a series of eight-week courses. Students apply their learning in real-world contexts developing tools and processes to make education more relevant, timely, and engaging for organizations. 

The courses that comprise the program have been correlated to the recommended competencies and guidelines that have been developed by the Association for Talent Development (ATD), the International Society for Performance Improvement (ISPI), the Association for Educational Communications Technology (AECT), the International Society for Technology in Education (ISTE), and the National Council on the Accreditation of Teacher Education (NCATE) associations. 

To obtain an MA in OILS with a Learning Officer concentration, students are required to complete:

  • 15 credit hours of OILS Core Courses 
  • 15 credit hours of Elective Courses for the Learning Officer (LO) Concentration

Special course sections are scheduled for Accelerated Online Program students and offered cyclically.  Look for the courses in the current schedule of classes with a course comment that reads "Limited to managed (or accelerated) online program students only." Some courses in this program may require synchronous meeting times through web conferencing.  Information about specific requirements for online courses can be found in the UNM Online schedule and course details

For more information, contact Christopher Larranaga, at (505) 277-2137,

Required Core Courses (15 credit hours)

Course NumberCourse Name

Credit Hours

OILS 535Culture and Global eLearning I1
OILS 536Culture and Global eLearning II2
OILS 541The Adult Learner3
OILS 544Program Evaluation3
OILS 546Framing Designs of Learning2
OILS 547Prototyping Designs for Learning1
OILS 597*Capstone 1X3

* Students must register for OILS 597 Capstone. The Capstone is offered as a 1 credit hour segment 5 times an academic year (Fall 1st Half, Fall 2nd Half, Spring 1st Half, Spring 2nd Half, and Summer). Students should repeat the course three times to fulfill the requirement for 3 credit hours. Students may take the 1 credit hour segments consecutively, but it is not required. For students who plan to graduate in one year, students should take the Capstone during their second semester. Students who plan to graduate in two years should take the Capstone during their third semester.

Required Courses for the Learning Officer (LO) Concentration (12 credit hours)

Course Number

Course NameCredit Hours
OILS 540Foundations of HRD and Instructional Technology3
OILS 542Theory and Practice of Organizational Learning3
OILS 551Training and Development3
OILS 558Leading Change3

Elective Courses for the (LO) Concentration (3 credit hours) 

Select one course from the list, in consultation with an advisor.

Course Number

Course NameCredit Hours
OILS 500Contemporary Instructional Technologies: Survey3
OILS 552Team Development and Facilitation3
OILS 554Consulting and Project Management3
OILS 557Human Performance Improvement3



 Accelerated Online Program

At a Glance

Major Requirements: 30 Credit Hours
Cost Per Credit Hour: $428.12
Length of Classes: 8 Weeks

College/School: College of University Libraries and Learning Sciences

Tuition: Program Details and Tuition & Fee Information


Website: Organization, Information & Learning Sciences
Phone: Rick Robb or Olivia Torres-Jojola: (505) 277-9000