UNM Online Surveys

UNM Online Welcome and Midcourse Surveys Are Discontinued

In December 2021, UNM Online demised the welcome and midcourse surveys administered to online students. Feedback about the surveys was sought from faculty teaching online in Fall 2021. Thirty-nine percent (39%) or 166 out of 425 online instructors responded. It was determined that questions from the welcome and midcourse surveys were too general to be useful. Faculty indicated a preference for section-specific feedback, and that they get such feedback independent of the surveys.

We at UNM Online recognize that some of our survey content may be useful. For the Spring 2022 semester, UNM Online is offering virtual help sessions to faculty interested in learning more about building surveys. Contact evaluate@unm.edu to coordinate session dates and times. Additional resources on how to use UNM’s instance of Opinio are located at esurveyinfo.unm.edu. Click here for a guide on how to request an account and get started using Opinio.

UNM Online welcome and midcourse surveys are not to be confused with end of semester course feedback administered through the EvaluationKit tool. This survey will continue to be administered by UNM IT.

End-of-Semester Course Feedback

The University of New Mexico administers end-of-semester online course evaluations a few weeks before the end of the semester. Every course is evaluated, regardless of whether it is offered online. Because the survey scope is so broad, course feedback is administered by UNM IT using the EvaluationKIT survey tool. Questions go to UNM IT by phone, (505) 277-5757 or (505) 925-0607; by email, coursefeedback@unm.edu; or through UNM’s IT ticketing system at help.unm.edu.

Contact Information

Questions about the welcome survey and midcourse survey are fielded by UNM Online, Monday to Friday, 8:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m., by phone, (505) 277-1608, or email, evaluate@unm.edu


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